Patch - Quality of Life Update

Ok those are real nice, thank you.

Regarding this one:

I think I understand, but could you clarify by giving some examples? I assume this covers things like when you’re being revived? Does it also include when you get flung through the air like in the Nurgloth fight?


Being completely defenseless while Nurgloth throws you is really annoying and can randomly end your run, so I hope something is changed about that.

Okay, wtf are those cryptic lines?!

Patch notes should be intelligible and tell people exactly what was changed or fixed, especially when locations are involved. The information given here is merely: ‘we have done something’. I think I know what most of those notes refer to but that’s probably because I have 3k+ hours in this game and know most of its buggy spots and corners.

I suppose this means that your character autoblocks when you’re getting launched by Nurgloth, for instance, or any other Lord. Or when you get hit by a rogre towards an incline which leaves you sliding endlessly until you’re at the top of the slope. I believe this has been fixed now.

EDIT: Ye, this wasn’t fixed apparently, huge bummer.


Would you happen to know if losing control of your character also applies to hook rats, for example? It would seem weird but just to be sure, as it’s technically losing control of your character.


This is just chat block but official. Will update when back from lunch. You’ll still be vulnerable when flung around


Please don’t forget people who still wait another QoL patch about maximizing inventory storage volume.

Even though Fatshark did QoL patch about Spoils of War, some people whose whole inventory is filled with red items still can’t confirm it before salvaging lots of red items - the most scariest thing is that nobody knows how many red items have to be salvaged for us to open any chests -.

Also, I hope other QoL patch too. About number of converting dusts. Player can convert only 10 dusts per each converting process . I want to convert 100 or 1000 dusts per each converting process.


Yeah, a 50/100 option would indeed be nice, 1000 seems a bit extensive.

How do you even get to that point? I’m honestly curious.
I always destroyed the reds i didn’t need, i have 2, maybe 3 of each weapon and have never had the need to keep more.

Lore tooltips seems to be not working.


10k+ orange dusts wait me for themselves to be converted. :sweat_smile:

I played VT2 about 4k+ hours and I always try to get at least 3-4 reds of each weapons for various build. Charm and Trinket also.

Even though I can’t open any chests, the weird thing is, I can still make new items by crafting. If player’s inventory is really fulled with items, player couldn’t make any items too. But player can make new items during inventory fulled status. So, I can’t understand why can’t I open any chests in this situation.

I’m drunk or… what? °.° Damage over Time abilities? On Krub?

This is great… please, fix also Mace and Shield slower bash.

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Does this mean we can see popular and reasonable mods added to the original game in the future? Numeric UI perhaps?

It’s not impossible. :slight_smile: Some of it depends on sign off from a game director however. If it’s not in the spirit of the game, he’s unlikely to sign off.


Why can the team sanction mods that shows the ult meter and wound status of other players but not include that in the base game? I don’t see any justification why that’s information that needs to be “hidden but optionally shown through mods”. It seems pretty important for teamplay.


Thanks for the update, better late than never I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing still irks me however, namely level intro cutscenes not being included in this patch.
Would it be possible to include sth. like this mod in the list of QoL features?

At this point, between Vermintide 1 and 2, I must say I have seen the intro sequence of Horn of Magnus etc. often enough. Let us save some time there please.


Good update. I don’t mind you guys implementing mods into the game officially or doing QoL changes overall. This is really needed, appreciated.

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thank you but fix convocation of decay ending, now is stupid


Thank you for the crafting changes and the ability to speed up opening loot chest, these changes are a welcome one :slight_smile:

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These improvements are much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Quick Salvage buttons pulls from other characters inventories as well.
  • Changing weapon illusion no longer requires unequipping it from all of the careers.
  • Fixed the missing localization for tooltips.

They’ve done it. The mad men