Dev Blog - Quality of Life Breakdown + Premium Cosmetics + Stream Recap

9 Weapon Skins for Greathammer. :eyes:

Pray to god red rarity weapons can change stats like the athanor.

Also a weird thing is, you’re not actually capped on items if you just spam craft them. I’ve literally had to sit spam crafting one item type while watching videos and then dismantling for dust. You can go well over capacity. It is boring af though. I have like 1k chests that I can’t open.

Yeah, it’s strange that the reward for playing for longer is not being able to open chests anymore. lol


Well honestly this is pretty impressive. Don’t have really anything else to say or complain for once.


I wish a UI Tweaks equivalent was included in this because it’s been four months without an update to the mod, outlook grim

But overall really cool stuff

my only complaint is that the update don’t include the rework on illusion, beside that I am perfectly happy with everything in this

All good changes. Though I cannot help but be disappointed to see many mods I consider all but essential to my enjoyment of the game being left off the table. Most pressingly being Loadout Manager, but also things like Reroll Improvements and UI Tweaks Buff Manager functionality.

Hopefully we will get word of additional adoptions yet to come.


Its rly funny that ppl asked for these QoL 4 years ago … LOL


Last QoL update broke all the good QoL mods. If this one breaks the rest (looking at you Loadout Manager mod) it really is a case of “We have improved your Quality of Life, pray we do not improve it further.”

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Looks great overall, though a little bummed out to see Loadout Manager is not on the list. That would definitely be high on my “essential mod” list. Knowing that your bots are always set up right regardless of what class/Loadout you were playing with last is huge. Being able to swap between different builds quickly and easily also saves a lot of menu time.

As expressed above my post if Loadout manager gets broken as a result of this update it’s going to kill a lot of the enthusiasm I’ll have to play this update otherwise would have brought.

@Aqshy has there been any talk in the shark tank about including Loadout manager amongst the integrated mod features in the future? Or at least being mindful to not break it in the mean time? I’m sure I’m far from alone in relying heavily on that mod.


I was hoping they’d add Loadout Manager and Item Filter too. It’s a major pain in the dongliz configuring loadouts for various careers without those mods and having to check each item one-by-one to find the item I want to equip (especially the trinket cause I have dozens of those in various trait/property combos). Also: Loadout Manager’s default bot loadout support, which does not seem to be in the listed in the upcoming changes. If there’s no Loadout Manager support, I’d still use the old UI.

I was under the impression that the Inventory Full bug will be addressed in the QoL update by giving players more storage space for the items (including deeds).


Whilst player inventories are large, veteran players can find themselves running frustratingly low on space, whilst having an ever-increasing stockpile of Deeds. If you’ve got too many deeds in your inventory you now have the option to delete them after this update.

Turns out, we can just delete deeds? I’d rather not do more work and delete deeds, just give us more storage space so we don’t have to worry about deleting deeds. Give us UI Improvements’ deed filter so we can easily manage our deed stockpile and allow filtering deeds by deed modifier type. It’s weird that the storage space for inventory is similar to a PS1 memory card storage space.


I appreciate it’s not ideal, it’s my understanding we’re exploring other solutions.

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Does this mean the inventory fix isn’t coming?

Can we have an update on its status? I am unable to open new chests, so i’m locked out of crafting new reds (out of dust) for some warrior priest weapons, and I’ll definitely be unable to craft weapon for future careers.

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The changes to inventories (which would free up space) haven’t made it in time for this update but they’re still being worked on. Can’t offer an ETA, sadly, but we’re fairly confident the next content update after this one will see those changes.


Developer Update - Premium Cosmetics — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Next Dev Blog is out. So still some hidden surprises left or is that it for the anniversary update? Also I would like to repeat my “Clear Deeds” question: All or none? Or can we delete singular Deeds?

Edit: Okay, that new Unchained outfit is lit. The helmet … less. Reminds me for those warriors in the Marvel - Thor movie … Foot Knight is also fantastic. Not sure about the Griffon hat, but the armor O.O. Pretty sure I will buy these two outfits. Not sure on the other as I don’t play these careers much. But the quality this batch is quite high. I think there will be less discussion than last time.

In this context: Can we expect another batch of Premium Cosmetics for the Premium Careers? And can we expect colour variations for the Premium Cosmetics?


aqushy said in the previous streams that illusion would be reworked during this patch so I’m guessing there are still some modifications pending

Probably dev stream today is going to have more stuff


In this context: Can we expect another batch of Premium Cosmetics for the Premium Careers? And can we expect colour variations for the Premium Cosmetics?

Not in the short term I’m afraid. Maybe down the line though.


Cosmetics were moved to the Emporium to clean up the Steam Store interface so it is now easier to find gameplay-affecting content, such as careers, expansions, and map packs. It also helps us build the foundation of potentially implementing cosmetic gifting and trading in the future.

That is news to me. Seems I have missed it in the live stream. Granted it is only “potentially” so chances are high it will never be realized. But what are your thoughts on that?

  • Trading vs Shillings? Vs other cosmetics?
  • Gifting? Opening the door for begging? For real money?
  • Can gifted/traded cosmetics be rebought, refound?

Not asking for how it will be as this is design decision. Asking what you would prefer.


So update coming soon (if releasing as planned). Last chance for blind guesses:

Do we get a surprise release? Wizard’s Tower? Red Moon Inn? An unholy amount of working bug fixes?


Good catch, I read over that part. The thought of gifting / trading cosmetics - especially random drop red weapon cosmetics - sounds like a cool idea.


Honestly I’m just looking forward to the elf changes. It occured to me when they announced Shade changes that she started as the Career I thought I’d play most and ended up feeling too railroaded in terms of build. High skill low Career depth.

Anything new is good though. Wonder if we’ll ever see enemy reskins or new enemies. Thick unarmoured Nurgle enemies be lacking. Even if it is just a reskinned Chaos Warrior. And Plaguebearers to replace Maulers.

EDIT: Ooook. There’s so many good changes in the patch notes.

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