So I have learnt there is a hidden inventory cap

Not reached it myself apparently, but I have read from several people who have reached it, one claimed it was at 1000, another one said it was at 1350. In any case, this is a serious issue considering the way illusions work.

  • When extracting an illusion, there is no way to know whether you already have an instance of that in your inventory.
  • No quick overview over the illusions you have and how many of each.
  • Identical illusions do not stack in the same inventory slot, but appear each in their own slot.
  • No way to delete duplicate illusions if you have to make room in your inventory.

I would like to hear some clarification from the devs: is there indeed an inventory cap and if yes, at what number? Do illusions also count towards this cap? Are there plans to address the aforementioned issues with illusions?


A cap and illusions counting towards it would be a very bad oversight by the devs, yikes! A ticking time bomb really… Hell, I just extract every illusion I get because f*** trying to keep track of which ones I have and don’t have yet.

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thats wrong. u can get rid of extra illusion.
lets say u have 20+ salz axe illusion. the metod i use is craft axe aplay illusion then destroy.

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No. Sorry, but that does not count. SPENDING your salvage to get rid of illusions is not at all an acceptable workaround.

What do you use the scrap for though? I’ve been sitting on 999+ scrap, it’s capped, for ages now…

Quick question, why do people even car about illusions? Can you put new illusions on your red weapons and keep the glow or something? I’ve never tried to take an illusions off my red items.

… because they look cool?

Not everyone is decked out in red weapons.

Related to this, I’m having a serious issue with this inventory cap.

I’m a huge packrat for illusions, I’ve saved literally every illusion I’ve gotten.

Well, when the patch hit that made extracts free, I extracted illusions for every item I’m not actually using, then salvaged most of the crap in my inventory. Each character only has like 2 pages of items viewed from the salvage window, like 10 jewelry items that overlap in that view.

Now I can’t even open chests, game claims inventory is full. Used to have like 13 pages of crap, so it would have to be the illusions completely clogged up my inventory.

Being able to directly throw away illusions would be neat.

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