Help! 1000 weapons-items limit in inventory but --->

does it count even weapon illusion when u extract?
lets say i have on salz for every weapon 25+illusion extracted so 7(weapons)x25=175 175 weapon illusion only on salz. maybe i have more on different characters.
when i go -crafting -salvage items my max is 2-3 pages for 4 carrers. thats like 105 weapons-items so 105x4=420 but of that 2-3 pages i always count same items (charm, necklace, trinket) so is not 420 maybe 330. in total so i have 670 free space.
but why i cant open more than 10 chests-valuts and than i get “INVENTORY FULL”
so yeah question is does it count weapon illusion when u extract?
i hope i get some devs feedback