Remove cost of Illusions extraction

Illusions currently have no game impact and are only comsetic. However they cost salvage parts in order to move them, which is a currency that DOES have game play value.

As these are purely cosmetic it does not make sense to cost to move them from item to item once acquired, except to waste resources which are valuable for acquiring new gear. It discourages players from being able to use these cosmetics, which are currently one of the relatively few “fun” items available in the game.

Please remove costs of changing illusions from item to item.


It’s just 20 Scraps man :slight_smile:

I think the solution is a different one , illusion’s that get removed (through the use of 20 scraps) should become permanently “unlocked” and you should be freely available to slap that illusion on any item you want , also you shouldn’t have to remove an illusion to use another one on the same weap , instead your newly picked on should just “overwrite” the currently equiped one


100% agree.

Yep thought of that as well and it’s probably the best solution. But to unlock a skin I would increase the price a bit

Yes, I agree a small cost could be fine for permanently “learning” and illusion.

I would still argue no cost is better, especially for retaining new players. Seeing how they are barely uncommon, I don’t see the point of punishing a characters progression (from using salvage which could be used for upgrades) for a cosmetic. And cosmetics would improve player retention and happiness in general without any cost game play.

Honestly, requesting other cosmetic drops to be reduced as well would be welcomed by the consensus it seems

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It really is a poor system. All it does is makes you want to not attach an illusion because you don’t want to have to extract it all over again if you want to use it again.

It kept me from enjoying my illusions until i got to 300 gear. I just felt like it was a waste. You can say “er ma gerd it’s only 20 scrap” but 20 scrap is 20 scrap. I rarely have over 100 at any given time because I’m still in the process of building gearsets for my characters. So it matters to me.

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