The Great Thread of Weapons

As there is no fully comprehensive online compendium of weapons and skins for all classes online, I am making this thread.

I would encourage all to post your red weapons and illusions here so we can eventually compile everything in the game.

The wiki is fairly good for this.'s_Executioner_Sword/Illusions

this guide has all illusion except sienna’s one red illusion design

The Armory mod got all weapon skin and stats in game too, altho the skin viewer can stop working after playing one or two game and you have to restart the game (issue is known btw)

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Also, I don’t think Feedback is the right category for this. It’s more Lounge stuff.

No Kruber`s halberd veteran illusions yet? :confused:

I got one… kruber halberd.

Called gilded glory

Oh sorry man
This guide was released before fatshark give us red halberd and red volley xbow illusion

ok, thanks, I will for look it. :wink:

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