700+ hours can't get any red skins on melee weapons I play with

I have TONS of red weapons and red skins by now, actually I have a skin on almost every weapon I don’t use (I play all chars btw), but not a SINGLE one that is my main melee weapon. Just as predicted here and here.

Also my friend I play with has half as much hours played, but has at least 1.5 times more hats, if not 2 times more.

So “fun”.


Well you are not in graces of Ranald


1500 hours here, still drop no red hammer for Bardin. Suck it up Buttercup.


1600h, not a single red Greataxe for Bardin, BUT:
~20ish of Crossbow, Drakegun, Drakefire Pistols and Handgun, ~12 Grudgerakers, Axe/Hammer&Shield, and around 5-6 of rest of the weapons.

I mean, I’d be glad to even buy those illusions via Emporium if possible, just for the sake of having them in my collection.

I’m also missing one of red Elven Two-handed Swords, one 1h Sword, one Repeater pistol for Saltz.

The frustration is killing me, but I hope the RNG fiesta will be resolved in one way or the other. It’s not like I need them, but it would be great to focus on nice things instead of randomly hoping for one particular skin to drop. At this rate I’ll have all the Commendation Hats collected, and I’m not “far” off having them all (except for Sienna and Bardin, for which I only have one for IB and one for UC and Pyro)

I had to play like 100 hours just to get a pair of red daggers long, very long after i got all the other elf weapons-

Then shortly after i 2 more pairs like a dam had burst or something, riperino.

But then again i tend to hoard at least 20 chests of the desired type before i start opening which contributes to the long times spent.

I do not understand why crafted reds don’t come with Illusions… It just seems like a petty thing to cheap out on, like a hotel that also charges for parking.


I didn’t get my daggers until 1,200 hours in XD I’m currently only missing the Great Axe for bardin at 2k hours or so. Got nearly all the hats besides 5 for Sienna

I think i got all the other elf weapons like about 800 hours in after which i played other heroes to grind for some of their stuff, after doing that for a while i realized i was missing the daggers and started looking for those.

At which point i did not get them until 100 hours at passed from the start of the grind x)

I did get fairly lucky with everything else though, almost no duplicates of anything aside from …10 glaives and 5 spears as well as like 4 of each trinket type-

But admittedly i never gathered all the stuff for the other characters, i just cherry picked which weapons i liked on them before then grinding those out.

3090 hours here. I can’t get the illusion I need on Sienna’s mace. Only 4 illusions left.