I got my second red!

At just over 300 hours. I was encouraged to open some more chests after friend opened 2 reds and a hat one per run three in a row (bringing him to 7 in half the time I have played).
I was so hyped to see that red auro over the item.
I clicked…
Oh it is another accessory I already have a red for.
So hype turns into massive disappointment.

I love the game, or I wouldn’t have put so many hours into it already. I’ve made a lot of friends playing it, love all the different deeds and challenging aspects. Maps are great. Bosses are cool. Lots of great ideas in the game.
I’m willing to look past the bugs and what not to have fun, quick swap problems, the weird difficulty spikes, gunners shooting through walls, hookrats carrying people off the map, people falling randomly dying by falling through the floor, infinite rat bugs, game launcher loads off screen, the crashes, rats hitting you from too far away, inventory feels like work after hitting 300 item powers, etc.

But bloody hell, give me something to show for it.

It is so frustrating having nothing special to show off for it. Not even a hat.
The reds don’t even add any unique properties or traits, my orange gear is already maxed out or close to it. And except for green dust I have more scrap than I can use. I don’t want all of the reds or even as many as some of my friends have. I just want something.

At this rate I very well may never get a red weapon, let alone one I would use, or a hat or skin. I’ve got ten more levels and all my characters are lvl 30. After that I’m out of reasons to grind with randoms. I’ll keep playing with my friends but it sucks to be resigned to never getting something pretty. Even some more of those weapon skins that look a bit nicer than the blacksmith/warrior tier illusions would be cool. I only have a handful of those.

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