No sense of pride or accomplishment right now

187 hours of playing with teams, communicating, tailoring my playstyle to the needs of the group.
Who knows how many commendation chests
Over 150 Legend Vaults
I’ve lost count of how many General and Emperor’s Chests.
0 Cosmetic Items
0 Red Items

I don’t care what others say that this game “isn’t about cosmetics” or “isn’t about reds”, I’d like to experience the game the same way the lucky players do at some point without having to enter the absurd and yet I’m not able to because the loot server has decided that I’m to be among the unlucky. I’m not going to lie, Fatshark, I love the game itself but I’m really feeling demoralized right now.

I’ve played enough to where I’ve re-rolled orange items to be equal to the stats that red items would give and at this rate the only achievement I’ll be lacking is the “Mark of Expertise” (I already have the “Norscannihilation” despite the bugs) because RNG says I’m not worthy.

I don’t know what you could do, because the people who have been lucky will cry if you up the drop rates, but I’m telling you it really sucks to get screwed over this much just because some RNG generator doesn’t like you but likes that one person who did three legend runs and was blessed.

That’s all, just my feelings. For the inevitable “that’s RNG”, yeah, I know… it’s just tiring to see no reward after so much effort on the hardest difficulty.


I must agree to a point.
I love the game, I still have a lot of fun playing it. But I didn’t even know there were Red items, since neither me, nor my 3 friends never dropped one.
I know there are cosmetics only because there is a section for it. Once again, neither me nor my 3 friends never dropped one.
Same with the empty pictures all over the fort.
I will defend this game as a great one, but perhaps it could’ve used a month or two delay to do some… polishing.


Yeah the drop rates are a serious problem.
When you get to the point where you can consistently beat Legend it would be nice to have something to show for it, proof to others that you’ve mastered the game. The redweapons don’t even offer you anything you can’t get on orange with enough work it is just the cool model that devs worked hard on we want to play with and show to others.

This is a HUGE red mark on an otherwise amazing game, repeating the problem from the first in a different way, and FOR WHAT? WHY?
I’m not asking for a red every day or every week (even though that is probably what y ou’d need to ever collect ones you’d u se given you can get duplicates and there are tons of accessories). The drop rate is just so far beyond reasonable that it boggles the mind Fatshark thought this would be ok.


they’re worried about breaking warhammer fantasy canon. I’m sorry.

I feel like they just need to implement a way for people who are consistently clearing high difficulties to have another way aside from vault RNG to get red gear or cosmetics. Some sort of way to work towards getting red or cosmetic gear rather than relying solely on RNG. I understand it’s a looting based game, but people who put more time and effort into the game deserve to be rewarded accordingly.

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It’s the risk of adding loot systems to action games, which Vermintide first and foremost is. People will inevitably see the loot as a big factor in long term motivation, especially if the progression is tied to the loot in any way, even if the gameplay is great. Pull it off well and it adds so much to the game, mess it up and it will cause nothing but frustration and grief.

I thought Fatshark learned from V1 but apparently not. Both the loot and crafting system are very unrewarding and frustrating with way too much RNG involved for an action game. Heck there’s RPGs that have less RNG than Vermintide.


IMO the RNG factor isn’t the problem. It’s more-so the fact that the crafting system is simple and has zero depth to it, and the fact that the ONLY way to get loot is through RNG chests, rather than giving the player other ways to attain end-game gear.

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Reds are pretty much only cosmetics, I don’t have a single red but all my items are max power with max rolls. Crying about cosmetics is sad, go play a dress up game instead.

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It’s a combination of both. I’ve said it a lot of times and I’ll keep repeating it, there’s too many layers of RNG.

  • Which map do you get, some are obviously easier than others for the same reward.
  • Do dice spawn, if so is it one or two.
  • Ranald’s
  • What’s in the chest
  • What properties and traits do roll and how high do the properties roll.

And on top of that is the crafting which could have alleviated the RNG from loot but just ads more. Main issues imo are:

  • Only can reroll both properties at once.
  • Same properties and traits can roll several times in a row
  • Upgrading completely rerolls the item.
  • Zero controll over what rarity you craft.

Imo The Division nailed crafting without making it too easy - the maxing gear with resources is debatable but still. Go look at that please Fatshark.

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It’s almost like you didn’t even read what I wrote, Akuma. Then again, in this community, I’m not surprised.

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Yes, expressing some concern about very low drops means, we are all crybabies. How dare we trying to point out something, that a lot of people are unhappy about, something that was also a problem in the 1st game.
Those people… trying to enjoy their games… such an insolence!

Yes, Cosmetics and Reds should drop way more often.

You can craft red items at the forge.
How about crafting cosmetics too?

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I don’t think that they have enough cosmetics right now to have decent drop rates. Maybe they will rise them a bit when more of cosmetics get released into the game

Even if they dont have any more, give us the chance to swap 100, 150 useless orange items into a red weapon / cosmetic they already have. I saw the post with the red halberd not even having a visual yet, and for me it is clear they were not ready for release. Simply remaining silent about it is a bad move of FS. If they only have 5 red weapons, make those accessible through grinding so everyone can get a taste of cosmetics, and the waiting for more would be okay.

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