150 hours played almost in champion/legend not a single cosmetic/veteran

Here is my feedback about the current situation of the loot system.

A the title said i have played 150 hours almost in champion/legend. i have 3 character at 30 and 1 at lvl 65 (30+35).

Have to see yet a veteran OR cosmetic item. My friends has the same feedback. in 4 people we have almost 650 hours spent and a total amount of 1 cosmetic and a veteran item

If you are playing the game for veteran or cosmetic item stop it now! wait a fix patch. Yeah perhaps we are a bit unlucky but that all.


95 hours in and none for me yet either :frowning:

i know that veteran items drops only from general’s champion chests and above and cosmetics items from both types…but i have opened like 300 chests…and nothing

I finally got a cosmectic last week. i have nearly 300 hours and still 0 reds. i have a friend with half that and six so its not bugged just bad rng

Yeah, terrible rng. I have two friends who’ve got veterans, and I have none despite having 4 lvl30+ characters.
One of them got it one his second legend chest after reaching lvl30.

Feels bad, but it’s literally rng. Having played with these guys in ither rng games, I’m used to this stuff happening. I’m known in our group as having terrible rng luck, and when I saw that vet items would be entirely rng with no bad luck protection I knew that I won’t ever see one, despite spamming legendary.
Doing more doesn’t increase your chances, it just gives you more attempts at that 1/100 chance to get a red.

I have played 70 hours which is not that much, but finally I got my first hat for Ironbreaker from a commendation chest. So if they don’t change it only the hope lives on…

around 150 commendations opened exclusively with bardin (not counting the end map chest…)…not a single red, not a cosmetic…not even something else than 5 time the same illusion for my great axe(the blue cosmetic from V1…really original thank you).i would say more than 10 orange grudge raker and same amount of orange handgun…some weapon never came out as orange…
total of more than 250 hours.

i start to insult the game when playin…when it crash every 4-5 games (from the host or myself), when it put me between 2 patrols during a boss fight with a hord (a teammate made a video, lookin foreward to see this posted), or spawn me a gunner when i cross the hord to take a gaz that decimate the team in a narrow passage. not talkin about the leech that pop up from nowhere, it just feel like a blue screen fatal error : “you just stop playin morron”, i don t get the fun or the skill one is suppose to develop to avoid that beside turning total paranoid…also hook rat that can take me with a ridiculous 90 degrees bended hook animation cos indeed its largely dodge, chaos warrior that still reach me when i dodge to a upper level using stairs (still at 90 degree and 5meters away), bile troll that puke on upper level too by the way, still the problem of vertical space management…hitbox is random and deserve a kick in the butt

I should open a post to complain how much V2 turned to be lot too much chance oriented instead of skilled oriented. Bad luck means player will waste 20 minute of is life, because of game design, crash.

So i replayed V1 and appreciate the really clear “you do right, you do wrong” aspect.
Still V2 is an improvement. but i feel im gone get bored of it before the game make really sense.

Let s be honest i got 2 cosmetic from crappy chest for kruber carrier i never play…so it s not like there s nothig in this chests right?
Maybe it s just good old laaaag problem and it will all be fixed with dedicated server…let s see

142 Hours and 71 lvls on Bardin ( 30-41 ) and still nothing. The Dwarf is the only one I play.

My brother got a few more Hours than me and sitting on 6 reds and 2 cosmetics ( both Siennas Ugly hat )
All I want is the Axe and Shield for IB, but will I ever see it? Doubt it.

RNG is RNG, but at 600HP ( the past 3 weeks )full Orange gear with close to perfect stats/traits on everything then grinding out those boxes becomes tedious. Good thing we have a lot of fun and trash talk with the crew I run with, otherwise this game would be dead to me.

i think in several posts all around there have been people saying that reds are not possible from commendation chests.

has this been changed?

commendation dont give red.

but they should give more cosmetic at least. in a total of…let me count…4x30+60+15 its 195 commendation…2 cosmetic… is it me or chest give a hell tons of orange trinket and no more weapons since a while? maybe since the beta? I got 3 time the same orange trinket lately…what is that Ranald?

Actually i m much more concerned about the random, luck aspect in the playtime/map (at some point you got your gears anyway and even enough green dust to roll by curiosity)…random aspect that i appreciate as it s better not having thing scripted so we a re not robot player. but still really concerning as some situation are nearly if not impossible.
i intented to make an opening to this aspects. ater all ranald for the the dice…ranald for the spawn on the map.
This say some of the situation i mentionned could have been solve with good players…
Here i have a opening to talk about how much crap player are hangin around…i dunno how many times i didn t disband despite knowing i would end up in duel with the boss in khazid, halescourge, skitter…because of a full cowboy shooters team who still believe takin 800-1000dmg (1500?) durin the map is fine.

Veteran player could make a list of thing not to do to, update newest player, to help co -op
like :
don t go ahead alone especially when you already get spanked to death
pay attention to your damages (if more than 600 with in a ok team/400 with a good team : consider go lower difficulty)
dont friendly fire risk if engaging in melee is obviously not a threat for your mate
dont waste your ammo for clan rat, there is boss and special where you are needed
kill special during hord instead of friendly fire. killing slave when krub and bardin are protecting you shooter butt already steadily is pointless
pay attention to what people tell you in the chat, notice that they even say plz. plz mean please so no need to be rude in return
…always the same time of Fps player lost in coop game cos you are legion spoiling this game bein inefficient killcount obsessed plague just like the rat we are suppose to fight together

of course not aiming at you mookana, but talkin to (not all ) this pyro/elf/bounty hunter…(this suicide teenage elves really get on my nerves…)

if someone recognize himself in what i wrote: boy, you are welcome (no need to answer me with insulting picture that will be banned by moderator)

Ive been playin for 96 hours and ive got a Shade cosmetic helm and two reds (a glaive and a charm).
Its an rpg game, rng is rng. Keep on playin it will drop eventualy. :smiley: