Cosmetics and reds

I got all my characters to level 30+ with over 300h in game and the only “rare” item i got to show for it is a SINGLE red sword. Once you max out all the heroes there is nothing else to do really, other then grind for cosmetics and reds, but with the current rate at which they drop they are next to impossible to get. I’ve probably opened around 20/30 emperor vaults, at least 50 emperor chests, and more then 150 commendation chests and the vast majority of drops were duplicates which got promptly salvaged. This is ridiculous and it needs to change. And until it does im gonna take a break from the game because while some people may think “this will make you play longer , something to drive you”. Sadly i dont have that much time to finally feel rewarded. I feel burnt out at this point, not because how much I played (I love the gameplay) but how I feel unrewarded for my achievements in game. RNG based system is something that sadly drives me away from game, not towards it.



its not an mmo its not a progression treadmill , reds dont matter.
if your not pressing that play button because you enjoy the game for the love of sanity go do something else!
why does every game have to be a 24/7 job of grind these days?

I am taking a break from the game actually. But the point is that you can only do a certain thing for so long without getting any real reward for it before you get really frustrated and bored.

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