Suggestion: Red drops after hitting + X levels

Just a simple idea to reward constant playing. The current issue with reds means that you can get 5 at 50 hours or 0 at 1000 hours. The way to fix this? Just add a simple slow system that adds a 100% drop chance for reds that takes a long time to earn.

The big question would be how to manage such a system. You could make it so orange dust and salvage could be used to craft reds. Though i think this would kind of punish you for trying to craft good orange items. I think the best system would be just when a character hits a certain level after 30, the 30+ levels they get a chest with 1 red item inside.


I agree with this. I put a lot of hours into this game so far and found one red after getting 4 characters to level 30 and constantly getting Champion Emperors chests and Legend Emperor chests. I have 300-power gear on all my characters.

However, my friend found a red after getting one character to level 30 - accompanying us on a Champion mission - and opening a Champion Emperors Chest. He had ~200-power items for everything. After he found his red his power jumped to ~250 on every item when he crafted things. I felt happy for him, but was a bit disheartened as well - considering I have over 10x his playtime in this game.

It just feels like no matter how much time and effort you put into the game - time and effort don’t really seem to pay off and it’s -entirely- based on luck after you reach max level on everything (Which isn’t hard to do). I suppose that’s what keeps me coming back to the game as well, though it may also be what makes me leave soon if my limited time/effort don’t start paying off.

Having a guaranteed red drop from one of the chests it could generate from after reaching so many +levels (past 30) would be super nice.


Yeh, i currently have 250 hours, most on Champion and some on Legendary. I’ve not gotten 1 red in the game yet. My dwarf is at +35, Kerillian is at +5, Saltz, +16, Kruber + 10. Kind of feels… well frustrating when i have a friend with 3 reds and 60 hours.

Edit: So the idea is as you said, simply to make sure that playing is always rewarded even if it is very slowly.

The Devs know about our concerns with drop rates, it has been brought up a million times now. I honestly think reds need to remain rare, but Fartshark should add a lot more cosmetics. This way you can still make your character look cool, yet always have getting a red be really exciting. Heck, I would even pay money for supporter packs of cosmetics. But keep reds rare.

Edit: They could also leave drop rates the same, but add the ability for general chests on champion to drop reds as well. This way, you could reliably farm champion without dealing with legend pugs and ranalds middle finger after completing QP/3/2 and still missing emperor.

You’re still basing it on complete RNG which is the problem here. Playing should always result in some kind of progression/reward. When you base it on RNG the progression/reward can be none existent just based on bad luck.

This way you’re always progressing towards something with each game you play.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if they add a bounty board in the future. Allowing you to work towards a red, but that’s as far as I want it to go. Either you stop playing because of a lack of reds, or you quit because they’re handed out like candy. I have 300 hours of playtime, with only one red charm. Does that bother me? Not really, because I know it’ll be exciting when I get the next one. The biggest issue is, most people complaining about drop rates aren’t playing on legend. There are many people consistently clearing legend who have 6+ reds at the moment. So, my above suggestion would be a step in the right direction. Allow general chests in champion to drop reds as well, and your average player(who makes up the majority) have a way to farm reds.

I’m okay with a Bounty Board for them as well, though not getting reds doesn’t bother you, it bothers me. I like to feel i’m rewarded for playing and being slapped in the face endlessly while players with 30 hours are progressive faster than me with 250 hours… it’s just not fun. The game itself is great fun! Just when people with 10% your hours are passing you in terms of progression because if lady luck, it’s almost insulting.

Getting a red isn’t “progressing”, since you can essentially roll an orange item with the exact same stats. Progression is a whole different nut to crack. I will say, Fatshark needs to add a character progression system where you’re constantly improving your favorite classes. Getting a red is purely cosmetic.

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I’d also happily pay for additional cosmetics, however I would still like there to be cosmetics only obtainable by grinding loot boxes or whatever.

This would be money for the devs to add further content to the game.

Cosmetics are part of progression in many games. I want the cool looking red weapons, i want to work to get them. The issue is, right now i can’t.

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Sure you can, consistently clear legend runs. This goes back to my suggestion above. The majority of the player base is in champion, while legend players are getting more reds. So again, add reds to general chests in champion.

I have been clearly legend runs. I have been opening chests. The result? I am exactly 0% closer to a red item than when i launched the game for the first ever time. That’s the issue.

I feel that progression is in the eye of the beholder(s), really.

I see Ashley’s viewpoint, and in my personal opinion - I feel that currently, “end-game” Vermintide 2 is having “The Best of the Best” gear with what I feel are the “coolest” illusions on my gear (the red illusions). I’ve rolled perfect 300-power oranges (which are essentially “Reds” to me), however, it’s not easy and entirely RNG based. It’s not a reflection of skill or time/effort put into the game - as I’ve beaten 20x more legend missions than some people I know. I win a lot of games, yet I see people with 10x-20x less time spent in this game “catching up” to where I am rather quickly, and “surpassing” me with great luck on finding reds. It really does feel like a slap in the face sometimes.

End game to me (as of today’s date) is having all reds with the cool glowy illusions on them. All I know right now is I have a goal I’d like to work toward and I’d like to be rewarded for my time/effort put into it - which is a lot of time, and a lot of effort.

End game to someone else may just be beating Legend on every mission.

End game to someone else may be getting a single character to level 30 and treating it as their “Main” and not going any further.

It’s hard to say, but I feel that if someone is looking for “progression” after hitting level 30 on all characters with full orange gear - red is it … and illusions + cosmetics (again, my personal opinion).

Well, the issue is well known to Fatshark. I’m sure they will add something in the future. Right now, I would rather see them fix all the bugs and power issues before focusing on cosmetics.

As someone that’s played WoW for over a decade I can’t help but eyeroll at the argument “if reds get more common you’ll get bored and stop playing”. Everytime someone makes a post about playing constantly with no high end rewards it’s bound to show up in the replies… and it’s just plain silly. Getting the best gear in the game through dedication and time spent playing the top content isn’t boring or casual… it’s the complete opposite. Being rewarded with cool, powerful items is awesome!

I personally think reds and cosmetics are entirely too rare and there needs to be some sort of mechanic to make them more accessible. OP’s suggestion (similar to the current system in WoW where you constantly build towards finding a legendary over time) isn’t a bad start. If FS does make them more common and Johnny Forumbrowser stops playing because the game becomes “too casual” then we’ll probably be better off as a community lol

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I’m not disagreeing with that but i still want to voice my opinion of how to resolve the issue.

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I disagree. Someone playing an MMO for fun, getting to max level and just playing every once in a while is not the same as being a dedicated raider who plays the game every day in an effort to meet the strongest challenges it has to offer. I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t understand why you said it considering we’re talking about pushing red items in the most challenging game modes. Everyone should play the game and do what they want in order to have fun, but punishing drop rates and RNG keep a lot of people from getting appropriate rewards - which isn’t fun.

Oh, I’m not disagreeing with you either. I too feel like the drop rates are asinine. I just don’t want them to be handed out like candy.

That’s why i said every X levels. I don’t mean every single level past 30 gets you a red. I mean every lets say 15 or 20, which is quite a lot of time. There just needs to be a PROGRESSIVE way to get them, not dice roll.

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My only issue is, reds aren’t powerful. They’re purely cosmetic. If we didn’t have such a green dust shortage, we could roll orange items with the exact same stats. I do agree that reds are a bit too rare. I would be more inclined to care, if they were actually more powerful.

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