Reds can’t drop for new players

Helping a new player get some reds is what veterans want to do right?

Well my buddy opened 40 chests of Legend rarity, 1 Emp, 1 General, 24 Commons, 14 Peasant. Zero reds. My previous experience is that 2 reds should have dropped from that many.

My first red was from a commendation when my item power level was around 230. I don’t remember my hero level.

So the potential bug is that there is a hidden red cap on chests, but that you can play legend. If I had to guess you need to be level 30, or maybe power 600 before reds can drop. So a new player hoping to jump-start their leveling by getting carried actually gets nothing.

Do I tell my buddy to sod off and come back once they are level thirty and item power 300? It seems pointless to be able to play legend without getting the benefits thereof.

This game already has a horrendous leveling system that requires too much exp AND grinding out chests. It NEEDS to be simplified and bonus exp alone can’t suffice.

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It’s well possible that level and highest item power level affect the red droprate, but it’s also a very realistic scenario that your buddy was just plain unlucky. That’s just how RNG works.

I do agree many aspects of the leveling and item power systems in this game are bad in general, but I’ve already written books worth of rants on that topic, so I’ll just restrain myself here.


I got my first red literally days after hitting level 30 (back then, max level). Clearly there are some conditions here but I could never find consistent answers on what they are.

Well… it’s just 1 Emperors and 1 Generals Vault. What do you expect? Try to do full book runs, getting reds from Commoners is very unlikely.

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There seemed to be this believe in the past that you needed your hero to be at least level 20 to even have the possibility to get red items.
Think it stemmed from the idea that the more you level the more you start seeing items such as greens, blues, yellows etc.
Personally I don’t know if the above has any validity but personally all my reds and my friends reds have been on character’s that are well above lv 25.
Also it could just be that rng was just that horrible. I have in the past opened around 20 legend emp vaults to not find a single red and other times i’ve had 2 drop from single soldiers vault.

Originally item power levels rise as you open chests right? I think you need to max that and have a certain level to get reds.

But why play and beat legend if you’re not even getting a chance at a red? Just play vet and speed run till 650. The game’s grind sucks as is, to find out it’s even worse than I imagined is crushing.

Based on the current experience earned it looks like a new player is going to take 60-65 successful games to get a single hero to 35. At 15 minutes a piece (quite quick IMO) it would take 16 hours for a single hero to get leveled up. At a slower pace of 20 minutes, it now takes 22 hours of in game grinding. Not counting keep time, which can add maybe 1 minute per mission on average. Additionally it takes around 205 chests to hit max item power. Factoring commendations that takes 125 games played (40 hours). So two heroes will be max level, or equivalent exp spread across the U5.

415 power is not all that hard to reach and start playing legend. Maybe in 10 hours a good player who can block, get some damage in, and stay alive, will start earning chests, and for the next 30 hours those chests will not assist that player in earning endgame gear!

Help out our newer players FS, it already takes ~10 hours to hit legend, making it take 75~100 hours to start earning reds is ridiculous.

What’s the problem with that? I mean it’s ENDGAME gear. And that should come after 10 hours of play? Please…
Just play the game, no one needs red items on Legend and honestly, when I look at some QuickPlays on Legend, I would prefer the access to be a bit more demanding… Blocking with IB or somehow getting through the game while you need a healing potion every 5m is really not the point… but that doesn’t matter here…

Legend can be done with orange items without any problems, and if you want to play Cata, for which you should have red items (which is not necessary as well), then you should be able to do full book runs on Legend and thus increase the chance of getting red items drastictly.


It seems to me a very strange opinion that “endgame” ought to be accessible in 10 hours of play…

Even with the restrictions and progress gating currently in effect, there are very widespread complaints about the average skill level of Legend QPers.

Trying to think of another game where anyone would reasonably expect endgame loot in that kind of time frame.

There are issues with red drops for sure (see the many players with >1000 hours still missing the reds they want), but this ain’t it chief.


Emp chests have a Red drop rate of zero currently because bugged. (Potentially)
Why play legend if you aren’t getting the loot?

Regardless of discussion around power level, what constitutes endgame, etc. Legend (and champion) chests have a chance to drop reds for older players, but not new ones.

What exactly is the issue with this? Makes perfect sense. Otherwise every player who reached minimum power requirement for champ/legend would be incentivised to immediately jump in and attempt to be carried for better loot.

Thank god FS actually put in a system to discourage this kind of behaviour, and encourage people to get a decent amount of practice before jumping into high difficulties. Can you imagine how much worse QP would be otherwise?


You can open a chest at an arbitrary level and get reds, but not before that level.

So players will still get carried in legend with crap gear they just have to wait to open their chests.

Legend chests will drop reds for older players, newer players just have to wait to open them.

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Yeah sure it’s a possibility, but requires more forward planning than your average person who’s happy being carried will put in. Especially while they still have item power/character level grind to worry about.

Similarly your buddy could stockpile soldier and up vaults for max level and open anything below that immediately to feed the item power grind. Could probably get a good number of reds once they open their stockpile at max level, which is still a significant head start over where most players are at once they reach max level.

The distinction is really more between higher level vs lower level than older vs newer. It doesn’t take all that long to get a single character to max level.

In your situation I think it’d make more sense to just play at what difficulty is a challenge for your buddy without him having to rely on you completely until he’s max level. Not the most fun for you admittedly but surely your mate’s progression through the skill curve is at least as important as their loot progression.

I’ve explained why I think that is an overall positive for QP health, I still haven’t seen much of an explanation for why it’s supposedly a bad thing.

This is not about QP health, but rather a level 29 hero can’t earn reds from vaults they earned at level 12. But a level 30 hero can.

Just to touch on this. I’ve been grinding deeds recently to finish the challenge and I’ve had instances of binging through comparable number of Legend chests of various tiers, mainly with the hope of acquiring more deeds. It’s quite probable to open a whole bunch of peasant and commoner vaults and get nothing in terms of red gear, as the drop rates (at least as far as determined by empirical testing and players logging their results) are fairly low. I can only tell you the same thing that I’ve been telling everyone since Verm1: there are basically no shortcuts when it comes to gear. If you want shiny weapons, the only guarantee of getting them is playing these games for a very long time.


This tale is as old as time. It’s been this way for the 3 years VT2 has been out. Don’t really think things will change honestly. Drop rates are pretty crazy

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