To all the people complaining about not getting reds

you guys are sad. This game is meant for grinding. the reds have a low drop rate on purpose. and the people that get duplicate reds and complain about it…scrap it and move on.

there’s no point in having a game designed for grinding and then have everything given to you immediately.

all your complaints will turn this game into Destiny 2 where you play the game for 20 hours. get max gear and max everything on all characters and complete all the content in the game and stop playing it until new dlc or never play it again.

is that what you guys want this game to turn into? a grinding game where the grind only takes a few hours max. or do you want this game to be like Destiny 1 where the grinding is heavy and rewarding.

Good joke topic.

hey man, im just being real with it. all these people are complaining about not getting reds. dev’s will change it to make it easier to get reds and then all of a sudden people will complain about everyone having reds. and the fun for getting a red won’t be near as rewarding as it is now

the only people who make topics like this just want their exclusive items to stay exclusive to themselves

bring back the bounty board, hats and reds for all I say!


20 hours for everything lol? No I just don’t want 500 hours for one thing, currently at 220 and 0 cosmetics, 3 reds all necklaces so GG game.

i don’t agree with the first post, because there are many ways to retain user attention as evidenced by the loot system in other games, but vt2 did not seem to have a good plan for user retention at launch.

i believe there is a better way to structure and design the loot systems so that players don’t feel they hit a plateau of non-progression, with no idea of when they can upgrade their gear next. However I’m not a game designer so I can’t suggest how to improve. Maybe for example in vt1, you could at least see your roll vs your rewards so you know what you were missing out on, players would know they need to get lucky with a 7 dice roll. In contrast, vt2 is plain old gambling without showing you the jackpot. you have no clue what your possible rewards are.

also, once you have gotten 300 weapons, with very strong rolls on your preferred properties and traits, the only thing left to enjoy is the gameplay itself, which, while good, is not a sensible long term goal for any game design.

you need to have good systems to keep things fresh and exciting for players. D3 had seasons where they reset chars totally on a seperate character store, but at the end of the season you get awarded some nice items or a collectable for your persistent main character.

vt1 had bounties and contracts, you could work towards occasional reds daily, it was a good concept imo.

also… i didn’t play destiny but that i heard it suffered from the same end-game grinding without much rewards problems, and destiny2 had such bad reviews.

tldr: there is definitely a better way to design the end game, hope fatshark implements something nice soon.

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