Too many Veteran trinkets

The drop rate was upped, yeah, but this change has shown how bad the loot system is. Whenever I get a Veteran rank gear it’s either an accessory or a dupe of a weapon I already have.

It needs to be like the first game where you can only have one of each weapon type drop, barring ones with multiple skins. Also needs to be a limit on accessories, or we need something to do with them. Salvaging them for red dust to create a weapon via the crafting templates would be nice.


it will never be enough for you people


Yeah excuse people for actually wanting a reward they can use from completely random loot. It’s not like you couldn’t get dupes of reds in the first game or anything, because those four repeater handguns you’ve got are going to be really useful. No, no one would prefer being able to actually melt down something you don’t want to make something you do want.

If you have absolutely nothing to contribute to a discussion other than the dribble you posted, then don’t post.

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I could take 3-4 different trinkets etc. I see use for different combos on perks. But that’s just me :+1:t2:

Well, without a bigger dataset I can’t be completely sure, but it seems like 3 / 5 of drops are trinkets, ie 20% per slot of the character you are playing. This has the consequence that if you play all toons equally you will get something like 4% per character per weaponslot, I.e. 40% of drops, and the remaining 60% are trinkets.

What does this mean? Assuming you play all characters equally you will get fifteen (!) trinkets per ranged Saltz weapon.

Loot needs to be pseudo random.

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I have quiet few of those… Idk why Fatshark did but prolly just to add “red items” on the loot table. So the players wont farm everything too fast. I don’t see any other explanation.
What bugs me a little is that some Reds are really just basic weapons with blue gang sings on them… And feel like they could of been done a little more “pretty”

Same here, I’ve gotten 3-4 of each trinket. But there seem to be a high number of trinkets, charms and necklaces when there should really only be one of each. So the loot table becomes cluttered with trinkets making it very hard to get weapons.

And how about when you have 10+ of them? 30+? This is an actual issue that will be brought up again when the main wave of players runs into it. Best to do something to remedy this now rather than wait.

Im just sayin’ there could be a limit like 3-5 for trinkets etc? I liked that limit in VT1 which guaranteed you can get that one red you really wanted. Eventually. Now these trinkets have more to offer and different careers need different things. Hence having few extra isnt a bad thing. Having tons of extra is. Like you said.

Forgot to add: What’s up with dupe Reds… That’s just “silly”.

bring on the red dust, let us make our own vet items!

Dupe reds is the real problem here, it makes it basically impossible to get 100%. In OPs case, they should at least have a significantly reduced chance of charms now given they have half of them already. Since they can just loot the same ones again, they will just get to a point where over half of their reds are dupes - not counting the fact all charms are functionally the same.

Meanwhile on my end playing 233 hours, only saltzpyre and didn’t see a single red item from legend vaults.

Red dust for red crafting would be great and get around the dupe problem. Luckily I’ve not had any dupes yet.

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