The amount of red accesories is too damn high

So i have been playing Vermintide 2 since release. i do really like the game. but.
But i get so damn annoyed and frustrated opening loot boxes and getting one after another of damn trinkets or necklaces. whats the deal here? see screen shots.
i know you will say its RNG, if i roll a dice for each random weapon and accesorie i would have alot better chance than i have had here.

14 necklaces (now 17)
15 trinkets (now 16)
edit: last 3 reds have been 2 necklaces and 1 trinket.
will we ever get a chance to recraft all the useless dupes or can i just scrap them to feel better when i look at my inventory with no useable weapons and a load of jewelry i cant use?


Feel free to share similar experiences to push this to development

Well. Not all of them useless. But I agree, 10-12 accessories per slot is enough at this point, until there is more professions released.

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lol, my wife is currently at 25+ accessories and only 1 weapon…

i got 5 reds yesterday and 2 reds today i dont know why i got so many i usually get 1 red each day or nothing… but 6 were necklaces/charms/ trinkets and 1 weapon :confused:

edit: i have 20 necklaces, 21 charms and 15 trinkets. The only character i have with every red melee/ranged weapon is saltz and with a lot of duplicate weapons

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The amount of jewelry dropping in general is too much, not just reds. I’ve made the point before, but if there’s equal chance for each slot’s item to drop, 3/5 items are jewelry. Trouble is, they’re usable on every character, while weapons are limited to one character only. That would make the needed ratio closer to 3/13. That in itself would likely be too rare, especially before you get those Power 300 Exotics, and also considering you need some variance in jewelry to allow for several different builds, but pushing the ratio to better favor weapons would be a good idea.

And of course, there’s the usual stuff about RNG always screwing some people, as can be witnessed from the two posts above mine…


i agree. it should not be too rare.
allthough i would like to see a maximum cap on them. or a crafting system to make use of dupes. as of now necklaces, charms trinkets are totally as useless as a grey item to me

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Nothing new here :slight_smile:

yea, sadly its old news. i feel like fatshark got their money and just leaves us in the dust. now releasing game on X box. even though the pc platform already is bbugged to the point of being broken. to make more money maybe?
No communication to player?
No dedicated servers that was supposed to launch late april?
No new dlc that should have launched long time ago according to the timeline that was showed during release.
No way to deal with frustrating red duplicates?
Tbh the game is great and i enjoy the gameplay. but the RNG should have some limits and item count should have some limits. as you say the dupe cosmetics is fixed. i wouldnt be bothered more by getting the same hat as i would the time i got my 15th trinket.
i have hundreds of hours and i feel really bad for the poor guys who maybe have a few hours a week to play. they will never have a chance of getting the reds they dream of.

How did someone get the idea that even after hundreds of hours and hundreds of completed legend games. you still have no luck of getting that one weapon you like to use. But atleast you got 5 flamethrowers on bardin or 8 shield and sword for kruber.

Being devil’s advocate, by having a slightly higher drop rate for trinkets means more characters can benefit from “getting a red”. It actually makes a bit of sense to drop trinkets so people can equip them to all classes, rather than having drop something like the Elf 2h sword. Great if you want it, rubbish if you don’t. Imagine we had a ton of dupe weapons across all classes but couldn’t get a trinket with curse resistance on it? People would be ripping up trees about that instead.

however being able to reroll your traits and attributes makes duplicates a moot point as people just reroll until they get the stats they want - THIS is why people are annoyed about dupe stuff because in effect you only need 1 of each item and enough dust to reroll what you like.


i agree with you that it is great to have more accesories than weapons. however when getting past 5 trinkets and still no weapons you want to use, it starts getting to the point where getting a red item is more annoying than the joy it used to be. since i posted the original post i have gotten 2x trinkets 1x charm x1 necklace and 1 rapier on my Bounty hunter.
a simple fix as letting people reroll lets say 5x reds for 1x red of your choice. or just setting a maximum of maybe 5 for necklace, charm and trinkets.

most of the time lately when i have been getting a dupe i dont really feel like playing and for each dupe of uselessnes the joy of playing just gets less. it takes several games of random RNG to get a drop, thats fine. but then after maybe 10 games you get a red just to see its the same trinket you already got 10 of allready. well i dont see a point in explaining how it makes you feel.

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  1. The Chance to get a red was too low.
  2. The Chance got increased.
  3. Everyone just geh duplicates thx to RNG.

I know the most here dont share my opinion, but that was pretty obvious with a higher droprate.

Red’ s were obviously designed to be something “special”, but they are just like every other loot now and you guys are frustrated.
Even a crafting System would be more grind of the same and still RNG.

It would be better to go back to the old droprate. Implement a red - dealer next to it. With some okri challenges or event quests, FS could add red shards as reward and you can buy your favorite red.

There wont be that much duplicates and it would be still “special”, due to the really low droprate and challenging, instead of hoping for RNG.

For Example there could be longer quests every 2 weeks:

  • Kill 30 Chaos warrior on vet or higher
  • end 20 QP Matches on vet or higher
  • Beat lord xy as career xy on vet or higher
  • Beat 2 maps on vet or higher

Rewards : 1 shard

Monthly quest:

  • end every map on legend
  • kill every lord as one of these 5 careers

Reward: 3 shards

Costs at the dealer:

Weapons: 2 shards
Weapons with Skin : 3 or 4 shards
Jewellry : 1 shard

Duplicate weapons for more builds : 1 shard

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The drop-RNG is manipulable, you can pretty much guarantee the drop you want. Been preaching that since quite some time, but I always get to hear “lol no is RNG”. Well, tell that to the almost complete sets of weapons I have for Bardin (only lacking the pick, which will be the next I’m getting), Kruber (only lacking mace and shield, no thanks, not gonna bother), Keri (only lacking glaive which I don’t like that much and won’t bother with it) and Sienna (only lacking bolt staff, which is also next on my list).

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I’ve been testing this myself. Does it have something to do with equipping the weapons you want before you open the box? I was able to get three 2handed swords this way… which I should not have done lol. The RNG does seem to lock in place, it’s not uncommon to get 3 boxes with the exact same gear in them, or reroll an trait and get the exact same one 5 times in a row. Or, quickplay and get the exact same map 3-5 times in a row.

Well, you lucky bastards…
I played a lot during beta and got V2 some time after release, about 200 hours of play. 3 reds: 1 trinket and 2 weapons.

How many hours have you played to get so many reds? Which chests gets you the most reds? Is there any % chance on the chest for red or cosmetic?

600+ hours, obviously you get the most from Legend chests. I think I got about 5 reds from champion chests… But I’ve got more reds from failed runs on Legend than full runs on Champ, meaning we lost the grims and only ended up with a soldiers chest.

If I remember correctly, the soldiers chest on Legend has a higher drop rate for reds than a Emperors on Champion. So doing Legend runs with hardly any tomes or grimes is actually better than doing full Champion runs if you’re having trouble clearing Legend.

There is a bit more to it, but pretty much this.

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Teach me your ways, O wise one. Please.

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Can you read up on this somewhere? A more in depth guide?

I started playing the elf recently and it has been quite frustrating to get different reds for her. :confused:
~60 Vaults and 30 Emperor’s chests later I have 2 Red Glaives, 3 Swiftbows and a Hagbane (and a bunch of trinkets/charms).

I’m assuming you also equip the weapon you’d want on the other careers of the character you want? Complete stab in the dark here.

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