New DLC weapon for Salt and Bardin have not unique skins

New DLC weapon for Salt and Bardin have not unique skins. Just take a look at it. Victor Saltzpyre Axe + Falchion and Bardin Hammer + Hammer just look like copies of their single analogues. Why are the rest of the characters unique weapons, and for Victor and Bardin just an old skin? It looks like quick work. I hope the developers somehow fix this moment and add new models of weapons for Victor and Bardin.

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I’m not mad, but I am slightly jealous that Kruber got Sienna’s old 1H mace model as his mace in the sword and mace.


100% right, wish they could do better, it is just a simple copy-paste. Days go by, and less worked new things are.


What I really wish is that they would have used different models even from within the pre-chosen spectrum.

There’s 3 stages of Saltz. The first stage which is the low quality version. The second stage which is an improvement with ones that are pretty cool. But the LAST stage is just the previous stage with the glowing highlights. I mean at least it would have been nice to use the other Steel Axe model. That is a pretty cool model in and of itself.

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