Skins for the new weapons

As far as I’ve seen, the new weapon challenges only give you the blacksmith version for weapon crafting, unlike the ones from Back to Ubersreik. Are there any other skins for them, including red (glowing) skins, or is it just the ordinary ones? And if there is, how do you get them, because it just really seems unclear to me now.


You ve been bamboozled, wait another 34112091670361 minues for update

I was really disappointed to see that there was no illusion for the new weapons. If this is intended and fatshark does not give illusions for the new wom weapons I will be very upset.

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Was there illusions during beta? I really can’t remember.

Don’t think so, but I recall seeing a throwing axe with blue glows in one of the clips during the Throwing Axe reveal stream.

I’m currently having lots of fun with the update but the lack of new cosmetics and only one skin for the new weapons is a bit… Well, disappointing to honest. Apparently they might look into adding the weave skins to the normal weapons for season 2 somehow. On stream it did sound like a huge “maybe” though, so who knows.

What you saw was probably a throwing axe during a weave, all weave weapons have some new type of glow to them.

Actually no, I remember the clip. The rune on the axe has the exact blue glow as seen on other red skins, and the weave weapons have entirely different models than the ones we can unlock now. Meaning that the models are there somewhere, and we just can’t get to them.

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Ok, that gives me some small hope at least that there are illusions for the weapons they’re just not ready.

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So apparently there are no red illusions coming until after season 1 is done so that is THREE MONTHS of no red illusions for wom weapons. Would be nice to have this confirmed or disspelled. If it’s true it’s quite frankly an outrage.

Yes, I’d like to have some cosmetic options for the new WoM weapons

Tim confirmed this over twitch when I personally asked him. Honestly don’t mind it too much myself, as long as we don’t need to kill the 4 lords to get them… again.

Where are the new skins for the “normal” runs? :smiley:

We need something to grind for there also… Very disappointing only 1 new map and no skins, with all this time 3-4 maps and 1-2 new red skins per weapon would be reasonable.

I would like to add that the weave illusions for the new weapons are actually on a new illusion base - not just the blacksmith one with orange glowey bits. For example, the weave throwing axe has a gear on it while the blacksmith does not. There are also weave-specific illusion models for the Ubersreik weapons, like Bardin’s dual hammers using a different hammer illusion than the two available currently.

At least it was this way in the earlier betas.

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