Red skin challenge for WoM weapons

I would love to see a challenge to obtain red skin for new WoM DLC weapons in the same way as we had with previous DLC.
Legend difficulty, kill all lords plus finish dark omens map (a bit more challenge than the previous variant)
And there is not a single excuse to not make a blue glowing skin for new WoM DLC weapons, because you allready have orange glowing skin for it on weave mode. Just copy it, change the color to blue skin, than copy ubershreik challenge add dark omens and we can have small update tommorow or this evening.

Note: I have seen some topics about no red skin for WoM DLC weapons, but that wasn’t same thing I am saying.

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Lol, they failed (forgot) to add challenges to achieve normal light blue glowing red skins for new weapons yet, they are in game, you can check them with armoury mod, yet people already ask to add a way to use weave forged skins in story mode

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the orange skin will probably be exclusive to weave, but if they allready have those skins in game, it should be on top of the list to make the challenges…

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I would like to see those skins in regular maps.


I would like that too, but I don’t believe it will happen.
But it would be really nice. Some weekly WoM like we have for Bogenhafen for orange skins.

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If I recall correctly they said the weave skins might be added to normal weapons in season 2. Was during the WoM release stream I think.

They didn’t say it WILL happen, only that it COULD happen.

Well, I’ve seen orange and red Billhook, and as usual, orange looks waaaaay better. Don’t know why FS hates Saltzpyre so much. Truthsnare was already a funny way to punch players in the nuts now this…
I mean - look at the pistol, the goddamn patchwork pistol. And now the basic butt-ugly billhook with shining bits is the best they can offer? Oh my…

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