I think i know what color will be for red in next dlc

original red is blue glowing
new red(only illusion though) is purple glowing
see what is next? yellow glowing

it is same as potion color
speed potion…concentration potion… and will be like strength potion

oh! i forget one thing! in next next dlc, there will be green glowing like healing draught!
how lame design is

Green is unlikely, as that is the colour of skaven warpstone.
They could do that if they implement some sort of cursed weapon, I suppose.
I agree on yellow, though.
I could also, in the future, see white, or, odd as that sounds, black. And actual red, of course.
Glow… wth. I’d certainly prefer actual skins, or at least different particle effects. Why not have a fiery dagger/sword actually change the colour of the flame?


Really hoping to get red glowing items :smiley:

There’s actually a mod that unlocks all the different glow for weapons.

Dark side approves red glow :smiling_imp:

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