Glowing reds that are not rune weapons

I’ve gotten two glowing reds now that are usually rune weapons but these are just common weapons with maxed stats…is this a thing are we expected to grind for rune weapons and then find a pitiful common with good stats…or is this a glitch???

I don’t know what you’re going at. There are literally only two thing that make red (Veteran) weapons unique: They have special Illusions (the ones with glowing parts) and their Properties have always max values. That makes them only essential to few very specific breakpoint builds (and even then they can be achieved wit Exotics), for everything else they’re just Exotics with somewhat easier time rerolling.

There are a number of them that have no skins at all. I’ve gotten a red volley crossbow that had the default skin on it before.

You should have gotten an illusion into your inventory.
There should no longer be any reds without illusions unless you removed the illusion.


There are weapons with the normal red borders and then the glowing reds with max values …(that should have runes on them)…is my point the rune weapons are very rare…I’ve gotten those weapons with glowing boarder but it’s a normal red quality but a common weapon (no gold markings etc) eg just plain wood

So it must be a thing…that’s a bit poor I think if you grind to get such things the idea is you want the cool weapon…getting that res glow and then a dud plain one is a let down

If I’m not mistaken, all the reds are just copies of the original weapons, the orange/olive green illusion ones. Except they either have a glowing blue outline, or glowing runes on them. The Bögen DLC weapons are just copy pastes of these weapons again with a purple glow.

So here’s the difference between the DLC sword and the normal red,

And here’s the blue,

And here’s the 1 handed outline and 1 handed rune.

I think this is what you’re talking about? And all the other weapons are like this as well. They normally have an outline one and a rune one. At least from what I’ve seen. I think bardin look the best though xD

Aye, there’s usually two versions of a lot of weapons - a standard one with a few glowy bits, and a fancy one … with a few glowy bits.
I’d love to have reds that weren’t glowy bits; All those nice skins and they kind of go to waste after a 100 hours in favour of radioactive paint.

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