Why some reds do not have "Glow" effect at all? For such rare items it can be really dissapointing

Just got Red Hagbane and it does not have any Glowing Marks etc. on it. It’s just simple skin (one of most common ones).

Will that be patched or fixed finally? I have seen some people on reddit with same problem with other kind of red items. They are suppose to stand out.

Just another example that game is unfinished on many levels.


Well, you see, that is an entirely subjective claim. For me personally, I despise the silly look of the blue glow just plastered all over certain weapons. From a lore stand point, it would only make sense on certain dwarf weapons that had runes on them to have that “enchantment,” effect if you will.

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It’s not about personal preferance. I would also prefer more unique model without glows.

But devs decided that REDs = GLOWING MARKS. Whenever that was good decision or not is not important.

Because If somone has red weapon with those glows you IMMIDEITLY know he got red. Now you have a guy with his red Hagbane bow or Swift bow and it loos like most common skin. That is just not fair because lets be honest- getting red is the one of the biggest luck in this game and they should stand out.

How do you think a guy feels when he finally gets his fav Red weapon and it looks like most common ugliest skin in game? Dissapointment is a kind word here.

So why some Red skins are unfinished?

@Fatshark_Hedge ?

I’ve noticed that I’ve only ever seen red melee weapons have the trademark blueish glow.

The Red Elf Shortbows and Red Halberd have no unique skins right now, that’s all I know.

Longbow has blue glows, but Swift and HB do not. Also Halberd miss it too.

Just received the Halberd and no illusion.

I do agree that reds should look unique. I mean having some pretty blue lines is all good, but let there be skins that can only be red. I also believe they need to be different than just a perfectly roll orange. Have some imagination FS please. That goes for the talent trees too.

Because every lootbox contains the best gift imaginable “disappointment”


Early Accees™

Probably another bug or simply not enough time to finish all Red items.
And the glow depends on the weapon (Saltzy’s Greatsword looks like a popsicle) but some of them just look gorgeous. Kruber’s Executioner Sword + 2h Sword look so fine. Bardin’s Veteran Items also are just a joy to behold. I like it.