My Red Swift Bow isn't like the Others?

I’ve had this red swift bow for a long time now and I was always wondering why it didn’t glow. (I know the regular red swift bow doesn’t even have an illusion as is) This is exactly how my red swift bow has always been. It came with this illusion called “Spite-Tongue” but all the others I’ve seen are “Edrael’s Will”. I have this same exact illusion for a hagbane bow as well, just a different name. So will I just never have a glowing swift bow even when the normal illusion for the red swift bow is fixed?


i wish i had a red bow.

here’s someone complaining about having a red bow. damn it!

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The reds in V2 have been done sloppily at best , doesn’t matter how you sugarcoat it , I have friends who work with modeling and animation tools that can design much better looking weapons with their eyes closed , laziness is what it is , this is supposed to be end game loot , the cherry on top - instead we get a stock weapon with a flashy name and max % properties . Thanks for this rarity fatshark whooo fantastic !

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I’m not trying to complain about it, I just like cosmetics and I want to know why my red doesn’t glow and has a different name than all the other red swift bows.


I have that skin for an orange hagbane. I think they still need to implement some skins properly. That’s to say they may not have actually made a red skin for shortbows? I’ve had countless illusions that didn’t change the base look of the weapon for example…

Yeah I also have that skin for an orange hagbane, which is another reason I was concerned about that skin on a red.

it seems that a lot of red weapons have their illusion bugged :frowning:

i know, i’m just ranting because i don’t have a red yet =P

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