Kerillian's recolors/red weapons (poll)

Look, I really like the blue-glowing runic weapons we get on the red tier, but I just really wish Kerillian’s weapons glowed green instead of blue.

What do you think? Should it stay blue, or should they change it to green?

  • Keep the glow blue
  • Change the glow to green
  • Keep the blue glow but add green glowing variants

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I still wish that one day we simply get a sanctioned in-game method of tweaking the spectrum of the glowy bits to our desires, like we can already do on modded realm for millions of years at this point. That would be peak Fashiontide as you could tweak the glow to match whatever career you’re playing, apparel you’re wearing or lore considerations that you want to nerd over. I don’t understand why it isn’t happening yet. If they chose to monetize it, it would be the best selling DLC in gaming history.

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We have green stone and green particle effects. Other colors to accentuate is good.

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