Suggestion - Weapon Rewards

Another quick idea drop that my friends and I were playing around with the idea of.
A lot of people are upset about the drop rate of reds and what not and how they are hard to get. What if after using a certain weapon for awhile and mastering it with challenges like getting a certain amount of kills with it or damage or completing a level with out taking any damage use x weapon, you could unlock a red for the weapon that way just like in challenges. Honestly a red itself seems OP to me so maybe even some exclusive weapon skins based on your progress with that weapon. Like if you get x kills with the executioners sword then you could unlock a cool effect for getting headshot kills or something.
I don’t know, I like the idea but the concept seems like it’d be hard to pull off.
Honestly something I really want is steam community skins and hats like in warframe. The community complains so much about not liking weapon illusions and cosmetics so maybe if we had a way to design some and apply to have it added to the game, then you could specific challenges to unlock said cosmetics so that would add more challenges to complete per month.
Anyway love the game! Happy rat smashing everyone.


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