Rewards for Rewards

Hello everyone Grey here,

I know in September 2019 someone already discussed “rewards systems”. I do feel like that was a while ago, so I wanted to suggest something similar.

I was playing vermintide today, and realized theres no way to show off owning every cosmetic for particular cases. For example, something I think is amazing is the bogenhaven painting you get for owning every bogenhaven cosmetic. A lot of players who enter my keep always ask me about that painting, and how I got it which just feels really nice.

I was hoping to have more rewards for rewards for the game: For example, having completed all of the 100/100 hat challenges could reward the player with a new painting/portrait frame. Something unique if you get what I mean.

I’m not saying, lets endlessly loop rewards, “every 100 items = 1 reward that counts for itself towards the next 200”.

I mean, I’d like to feel good about showing that I have attained this many cosmetics. Like a frame for skins, or a hat such as obese megladon for all paintings on all careers. (Maybe a painter hat)

I don’t think its that complicated what I am asking for. I mainly thought about this because I was looking at my cosmetics and thought to myself, “why should I even bother continue playing to collect all these if there isn’t a reward for them?”

Also, I wanted to suggest maybe like Okri’s challenges, a page about items and cosmetics, how many have been collected out of how many. I think such a page would be really neat. (Maybe not for unique items or cosmetics that can only be attained via events).

Anyway I just wanted to throw this idea in. Thanks for reading until here. Feel free to slam down the topic if you don’t like it, or carry it forward if you do.