Wishlist for the future of Vermintide 2, or at least Vermintide 3

Hello my lovely developer studio!
I took a little break from Warhammer Vermintide 2 and yesterday i came back.

In my friends round we discussed why warhammer is not holding us in the long, long run, because it is the best game we played until now.
The answer was quite simple to us. The rewarding system is not very rewarding if you already got lvl 35 with all characters and most of the red weapons.

Sure, the game itself is perfect, but it would be really cool if there were different rewards for doing weaves, or events, or achieve different milestones in the normal game.
Until now there are “just” frames. Jeah there are some cool looking frames i guess, but it doesnt feel very rewarding after doing the first 120 weaves with friends and you finally get 1 pimped simple frame window for your character.

My suggest:
For Warhammer Vermintide 3 (or maybe you could do it for future dlc’s for vermintide 2) you guys could separate the outfit of all ubersreik 5 into: Chestpeace, Helm, Gloves (even maybe different gloves for both arms), Shoulderpads, Pants and Boots.
For example: if you reward the players with a piece of one “set” all 20 weaves per season. And after the season has ended, all players can get the whole set after playing 200 quickweaves (for example), cause not all players are good enough to beat the 120 weaves in one season.

And if you just make 10 different styles of gloves, helmets, etc…
The players can mix their own styles for their characters.
You could even reward the players with colours for their outfits, so they can decide theirself which colours they wanna wear or mix (gloves black, helmet red, etc…).

I think you get the idea of my idea and I really think more people would play this perfect game of yours :slight_smile:
There are many many transmoq freaks out there, which would jump on the boat “fatshark” and the rewards would really be more rewarding if we get something different then just frames or lootboxes.

Please feel free to use my suggestion in every way you want (or maybe implement it even into Darktide?)

Sorry if I put this suggestion in the wrong topic group, but this one seemed to be the right one to me

I know you guys do the right thing to make your fans happy

much love

The devs has stated theyre going to stick with V2 for the next 5-10 years, we probably wont ever see V3. While this would be cool, there is just too many modeling limitations.

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nice to hear that they stay at V2 for that long :smiley:
On the other hand they now have darktide too and I think too many projects will kill their programming progress in no time :stuck_out_tongue:

What exactly do you mean with modeling limitations?

Dont know the exact reason (not a dev), but the models used in V2 are very funky.
Theres a reason why some hero’s only had 1 shark head, and others had 3. FS Hedge confirmed it was because of “modeling issues”.
If I had to guess, outfits are a “set” piece, that cannot be added upon or have pieces taken away. If they wanted to go the route you suggested, they might have to make multiple “sets” of the same skin with minor changes to color, placement, ect…
I could also be speaking pure umgak but thats what I gathered from the cosmetics.

For me at least, in the long term nothing beats having new maps to play.
In the short term we could really use more in game events: remember when we had to find and light pyres for a winter event? Things like that, which require you to do something different and give you rewards for them are easy enough to implement, and offer a reason to players to get back to the game for a week or two - and given how addictive the game in itself is, I think having more of them would help player retention.

The problem with VT2 atm is that we are barely getting new content: the last map set was released almost 1 year ago (and it was brilliant) and FS is missing a lot of seasonal events.
At the same time some of the content (well, the weaves) can’t be enjoyed unless you play hundreds of hours every few months. I’ve never been able to finish a season, and at this rate I never will.

EDIT: Oh and an other thing. At the moment the game pushes you to do more of the same every week, and in doing so limits your possibilities: if we could select a weekly mutator (darkness, or no UI for example) and get slightly better rewards for them we’d have more ways to play the game. The same would probably happen with a deed rework: but those things have been left as they originally were. Weave mutators, deeds, weekly quests, they all change the way the game is played, but they are all in their embryonic state. If, instead of thinking of “new ways to play the game” - looking at you, chaos wastes - Fatshark would improve on what’s already there things would be a lot better.
But no, 10 qps a week.

I think we can assume darktide as the “vt3”

Not really, if Vt3 comes out Vt2 will most likely stop getting update

Darktide and Vermintide 2 are going to be developed at the same time

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