More immersive skins / rewards

Hi folks!

I have been playing Vermintide 2 and recently got level 30!
Straight to the point! All the skins on the weapons are pretty boring, (and armor almost non-existence?) I know that not all people don’t really care about that kind of stuff, but it would be awesome if there was some kind of reward quest like complete 50 legendary mission and get this epic sword with flames with a totally unique design, as an achievement/sign of you have done this and now you can show it off!

For me, as it is right now it’s just another farming simulator to grind your gear. There is nothing to work up towards, no rewards, no skins, cannot craft skins, and your character just has the same looks throughout your leveling experience. Even most legendary looks the same!

I understand that the game just got released, but it’s like there has been put no effort or thought into these things. I do not know what to do after getting you highly powered gear except “now I did it, time to kick ass and chew bubble gum” as I have been doing around 35hrs. There is no purpose to continue unless you really enjoy slaughtering all day long, with your gear.

I’m already getting to the point of taking a break, and wait for the new maps, or see if the mod support will do the trick. The game would be totally changed if the mod support can handle stuff like killing floor 1 & 2.

And last note, any thought about PvP? I would love to control a giant beast or Chaos warrior while the other players running in panic and fear!

Love ya all, have a HAPPY EASTER HOLIDAYS

  • Heretic out

well that’s very objective!

there are some weapons that glow blue, that’s super cool to me. i wants one!

There indeed is beautiful weapons. But my point is that how the state of the game is now there is no goal after hitting 30 with 600 power gear. There is no specific special weapon/ability/achievement/talent/game mode/pvp.

Don’t get me wrong! the game is freaking awesome and i love it! I really hope that the DLC or mods support gives it a kicks forward. And i hope the devs will think about some improvements and make the slaughtering to have an actual purpose to make the madness worth it.

My message shouldn’t be taking as a complaint, but as ideas to add in the future!
They did a good job with the engine and performance for people like me ( a peasant) with some ancient hardware haha, and they were pretty quick to solve the crashing issues too.

Have a lovely easter :slight_smile:



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