Various wishes

I hope Vermintide 2 will be maintained continuously. It’s a different game from the Dark Tide.

  1. Maintaining content
    There are some things that rewards can’t use in existing games. Because of this, people often lose interest and don’t do it. Chaos wasteland has a white skin or border. Weve heard that while offering a new experience, we can’t use weapon skins in regular games. I want you to add a clear reward and increase the number of new users.
    and New maps and bosses, DLC (new enemies or items like Wind of Magic),

  2. Consideration for existing players (ex : this Wolffather event)
    Thank you for the reward because you are a new user this time. However, Vermintide users who enjoy games for a long time cannot receive compensation because they already have a lot of skins and frames, so I hope they add a lot of new sealing skins or paid skins to the store.

The clothes of Warhammer Vermintide 2 appear to be made in a way that does not ruin the atmosphere of the worldview according to the Warhammer worldview. I got to know the Warhammer worldview when I started Vermintide. However, there are some parts that are regrettable, and the number of items, whether it is sealing products or premium cosmetics, is too small. There are only an average of 1 to 2 paid products per career. I wish there were at least five. Also, the exiled engineer, the Sisters of Thorns, Sigma’s Priest, and St. Paul’s have premium cosmetic packs, but they are still empty in Roner’s shop. I’d like you to add more items.

  1. Assignment of OKRI
    I think this book’s reward is really good content that creates challenges, whether it’s an existing user or a new user. There will be many users who do it for fun to clear.
    I am also very interested in this, but I have some suggestions. There are many palette swap-in skins by supplementing this content, but it was so good that you could enjoy various colors.
    However, if there is a little disappointment, the iron breaker and footnight are armor, not cloth, so I don’t want to use it a little because the color doesn’t match the helmet I gave you before. Kerrillian, can’t you change the color of your hair according to your skin color like a robe from a handmade career? At least the champion, legend and chaotic wasteland costume would be a match. The careers of Kruber’s mercenary and badin’s veteran Ranger are good for various matchups because Roner’s store has various colored hats or hats-free skins.
    But armoured footnights and ironbreakers are a little uncomfortable to watch.

  2. Language problems
    Vermintide 2 does not support Korean. This is a big barrier to entry for English-speaking users. Interesting backgrounds and witty conversations of characters are the big attraction of the game.

For this reason, it is understood that the Korean community uploaded Korean chat mode or Korean translation mode to Creative Yard and requested approval. However, although the Korean chat mode was officially approved, I understand that it has been pending for several years without passing the Korean translation mode. Could you pay more attention to this if possible? I’m so curious about Roner’s cheerful song and the story between the main characters. It will be difficult for Patshark to support the new Korean language, but wouldn’t it be easy to determine the language support mode that Korean users have already created and are waiting for approval? I beg you.

Thank you for reading the long article. I also appreciate your interest in this matter. I hope there will be a lot of improvement in the company called Fatshark.


Yes, Ironbreaker and Foot Knight both have red and blue armor without matching helmets. That always bugged me a little.

The same goes for the Chaos Wastes white outfits. There are no matching hats for those.

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