Quality of Life: List of Requests

So, I’ve been thinking… there are a lot of little annoyances that make Darktide maddening sometimes.

  1. noninterchangeable (between characters) weapons, that are accessible to all 3 humans (auto-guns, revolvers etc.) or curios that could be used by ALL CLASSES.

I have 20 good Curios on my Vet, which could be used by my Psyker, or Zealot or Ogryn (when the latter two will be removed from “I don’t have enough plasteel to hunt for their blessings yet, so they will remain level 1 until I’m done with Psyker” Hell - it’s a hell with long name).

  1. No possibility to change background or personality of a character.

I understand why not (at least I hope, I do), but what if we could make another character of the same class, already on lvl 30 (We’ve done the leg work already) and move our stuff from one character to another?

  1. Mixing existing cosmetics (you know, the ones we are buying with Aquilla).

I understand it’s much more profitable to use existing assets and make “Commissar “Face” McCont”, who will have black Commissar hat, round bionic eye and black Vox-headset for Sierra-Lima amount of Aquilas, but seriously. Some cosmetics should be meshed together, if someone owns all 3 already, and they are not “holding the same spots” (I like idea with bionic eye and vox-set, but I don’t like the square “air-vent” eye).

  1. Buying “colors” for already owned cosmetics for limited price instead of a recolor for full price.

I think that’s it for now, I have many more ideas, but those changes should not be much time consuming, although 3&4 will probably never happen because of “store policy”.

(I know FatsharkJulia refunded a lot of cosmetics - It’s just a joke…)


Methinks you don’t understand what QoL means…


Weeell It’s started with 1 and 2, but then I’ve rumbled into 3 and 4. So kinda?
Although… it would bring me happiness, but it’s not necessary for game to work.

Adding hotkeys to Mourningstar as a default would be a big step.

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Look behind button for controller press 2x and character does a 180. Also better team mate markers so they don’t suddenly disappear and leave me with a giant horde lol

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That would be pretty good. The Numeric UI mod does add markers for teammates at the edge of your screen, and it would be a great addition for unmodded and console versions of the game.

There is such an incredibly long list of QoL features more important than these cosmetic requests.

  • Can’t lock/favorite gear
  • Can’t convert gold to plasteel/diamantine (or disassemble items to crafting components)
  • Can’t tell when gear is equipped on another loadout
  • Only have 5 loadouts per character
  • Can’t tell my relative performance in a match (without mods)
  • Can’t remove those awful iron sights from Hellbore
  • Can’t tell which character is granting buffs
  • Can’t tell what someone’s coherency radius is, especially if they do or do not have talents which increase the radius
  • Can’t tell in mission what someone’s coherency aura is (e.g. zealot running selfish build, no point in staying close to them)
  • Can’t queue into private games, even to test something
  • Can’t use live AI dummies to check damage resistance values when testing builds
  • Can’t have custom bots (like in Vermintide 2) for when a slot isn’t backfilled in a game
  • Can’t disable cross play when annoyed by the console/PC disparity (console has no flip camera button, there are some major hamstrings for the same game stats wise, no flame intended)
  • Can’t quick play into games without risking quick playing into a tier 5 high intensity shock troop gauntlet
  • Can’t take friends into the psykanium
  • Can’t tell when you have already unlocked a higher level blessing of the same type on an item in your inventory or the shop
  • MUST CHECK THE SHOP EVERY HOUR TO MAKE SURE YOU’RE NOT MISSING A PERFECT ITEM (Vermintide you could just accumulate chests on one character and open them together on any other)
  • No red-rarity perfect items that bypass the incredible stat grind
  • NO TRANSPARENCY, WHATSOEVER, ON WHAT A SINGLE STAT, BUFF, DEBUFF, OR EFFECT IS (Even fatshark confused brittleness and rending when they dropped the skill tree rework)
  • No reward of any kind for killing bosses (Vermintide they added loot dice upon boss kill after enough people complained it was a pointless challenge – I guess they forgot they ever did this)
  • No shared weapons is actually a really good point QoL-wise
  • WEAPON NAMES ARE SO INCONSISTENT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP TRACK (ogryn Lorenz guns might be shotgun or grenade launcher depending on suffix, psyker force sword might be single target or cleave depending on the prefix. If these had names like “revolver” people could keep track, but this is generally a pretty awful cost of entry to learn what each of these weapons do)
  • No outline for teammates unless they’re incredibly far, impossible to keep track
  • Such an incredibly high number of bugged skills, blessings, and weapons that I can no longer trust if anything works (this is, in fact, a QoL issue because I now need to test or research every important skill on my own to verify they work. In most cases, they work inconsistently at best).

i hate it so much, every time i talk about any gear i be like, wait what was i using again?
or when i upgrade things and scoll through the dozens of weapons just to accidentially upgrade another weapon that, is named the same and almost looks the same…

can we have like Codenames for each weapon and only display their fullname when inspecting…


Yeah, @Lt.DavinFelth shoud edit his post and put this as an actual QoL list

This so much. It’s virtually impossible for new player to make any sense out of this without a guide. PLUS the game doesn’t provide any summarised information on what each “mark” does. You’ve got 3 “marks” of the same X gun or melee weapon, which one should you choose and why? Again, get a guide or get karked. Brilliant design.

Drmayhem is free to create his own topic, I will even support his ideas, because this list seem worth fighting for.
QoL is subjective regardless if it’s understood as a quality of life for group or individual.
I wrote what was important to me.



The abliity to change teammate colors would be a big help, I hate the current marker colors, especially maroon and dark blue. Terrible ping colors.

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Not really. What’s important to us is subjective, what QoL means is not…

You asked for a game changing feature and 3 cosmetic ones, no QoL in sight.


Merriam webster:



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Good, now read them and apply them to the game, not to you.


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The quality of life need to make it better to play the game, not making him happier because he has new colors for his costumes.

who decides whats better to play?

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What quality of life means in the gaming world is quite established.


how is it not “easier to play, without changing the gameplay” when you apply for example this:


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