Making some Primium Cosmetics Avalable Cross Class?

  • Yes, Adding some Unversal Cosmetics would be awesome.
  • No, every outfit should be Class specific only.
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i love the cosmetics of Darktide,
but i feel some cosmetic options dont have alternatives to their likeness.

for example:

i have this for my Psyker and roleplay as a Navis Nobilite.

would love this for my Vet and Zealot to get somethings similar.
be it with out the collar, ti roleplay as Pilot or Rogue Trader.

personally i would be willing to pay abit more for cosmetics that were fully Cross class.
or to have options available for other classes even if i had to buy them for each class individually.

perhaps this in Blue for Vet,

We Need Veteran Robo Cop!

i think doing so would give us much greater diversity and variety.
especially when it comes to fashion-tide which is always something cool to look forward to.

thoughts comments concerns


a Suggestion in another topic was also to allow Color options as a Dyes
perhaps as 100 Aguilas


id pay for that, :slight_smile:

Edit- why does my quotes keep disappearing???

theirs a Mod called ( for the drip )
personally i would love it if its functionality was added to Darktide,
so as we buy new outfits, but can buy dyes with our Dockets to change the colors.

dockets or Aguilas? i would prefer the former but i feel its more likely as the latter,


just found the Drip mod, its amazing and i home Fatshark implements dyes now.

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Were I find it I looked in the discord couldn’t find the files for it - Nvm found it lol

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its a great mod, one i hope gets added

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Added a Poll to Topic, please Vote! :grinning:

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i hope its free, but i feel Fatshark will charge for it, im hoping the cost will be low

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id be willing to pay more if i can use the costume on all humanoid characters.

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Personally, I believe that all three human characters should be able to wear the same clothes.

In my opinion, Veteran has the best MTX and Penance clothing options while Zealot has the absolute worst.
I would like to use a lot of the Veteran’s gear on my Psyker, such as the Veteran Penance forehead goggles, the mTX armoured Combat Vest, and several of the pants available for the Veteran.

If you’re like me and really dislike the constant religious themes of the Zealot clothing lineup then you’re out of luck because you won’t get any options while the Veteran has everything from “street rat” to different militarium branches and mercenary clothing.


It’ll be nice if they gave a few variations of the Moebian 21st flak armour the zealot gets into the Commissary or penances. I think it’s currently the only standard flak armour the zealot has.


Not a fan of the docket flak armor sets, but I’m open to the idea.

The bottom line is that Veterans have the most clothing options, while Psykers almost always wear strange “tube outfits” and Zealots are forced to wear potato sacks or shoulderpads with burning candles.

They went with a mTX store, but they put zero effort into it, as well as zero effort into creating new penance sets or releasing the extra penance sets that already exist in the game files.

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I can’t take the psyker’s 90s power shoulders look on a female character seriously. They are so overpadded, maybe they were thinking that if they have the psyker wear a padded cell they won’t hurt themselves when they are out and about?

Speaking of female Psykers, here’s Idira Tlass from Owlcat’s upcoming Rogue Trader game:

Sure, she has some tubes running through her head, but it is nothing compared to Darktide’s Halloween costumes.

Darktide and, Fatshark have this strange habit that many modern video game artists have of overdeveloping clothing items and just stacking things on top: floating shoulders that ruin the outfit, a billion tubes, scriptures clamped to the body piece.

It’s sometimes better to be modest and keep things simple.

Keeping things simple also makes outfits feel more realistic, as if they would be worn by a real person in Dankhammer’s grimdank future.

Notice anything else in the picture?

Idira’s outfit is form fitting and not four sizes too big, implying that Fatshark is too lazy to make sets that fit both male and female body types.

Cassia, another character from Rogue Trader:

With all of the reference material available, it is not like it is difficult to create better outfits.

Psykers in trenchcoats (the one we have is weird):


i feel like a decent amount of zealot/veteran gear could very easily be made available to both classes, especially stuff like the krieger armour and the mobean 21st gear that we just got, both of the zealot versions are way better and would fit just fine on a veteran

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i could get behind this

it seems allot of the outfits use one body type for both genders