For the Drip, and what it could be

I came across a mod recently called For the Drip and I feel like it could be one of the best additions to darktide. Long story short, it allows you to put ANY texture on your weapons and outfits.

Immediately this gave me some ideas to make darktide better, namely in making this mod semi-official. What do I mean by that? Adding it, but with some tweaks.

First off, Commissary. Changing the different sets of penance armor recolours into colour palettes would cut down on so much bloat alongside making them match more things. Non-penance stuff like the different outfits can stay in Commissary or become new penance rewards instead.

Premium shop too can benefit from this, having the colour palette of an outfit be purchasable separately, for if you really like a pattern but not the fit itself.

In summary, everyone wins. We get more choices and matching gear, better, unique outfits that feel special to us, and fatshark gets better rep and more money, as premium store gives you way more potential for the same amount of money spent as now.


I’ve played War Thunder which has what you are describing.

You basically picked any available official camouflage in the game to display in front of other players, and having the option pick a camouflage you downloaded which can also include maps such as displacement, metalness, roughness, etc., but would only be visible to you.

Having UI and support for selecting downloaded camo would certainly be a neat extra.


It sounds like how you can customise your clothing/weapon cosmetics’ paint jobs in Deep Rock Galactic - no matter what cosmetics you’ve got equipped. It’s so simple yet so fun. I’d love to add the Imperial Edition black/grey digital pattern onto my Commissary skins, for example.

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Please this.

Off course it is WHAT fatshark should have done…
Cause, even if I can afford their cosmetics, I felt robbed everytime I bought them.

Using for the drip has actually made me use penance cosmetics that I’d otherwise leave to gather dust, please @FatsharkCatfish i dont know what it’ll take but please get fatshark to make a cosmetic painter function for the game also functions to remove or replace decals/straps and armor bits etc etc (without any aquila or grind nonsense involved)


Jeez that looks really awesome… I want that… :star_struck:


Full agreement.

I made a topic based on this thread, fleshing the idea out further and giving it concrete values for store pricing + polling.

This content deserves to be released. The possibilities for customization are endless with this mod and it would be neat to have it as a full part of the game, viewable for everyone else.
Also would tie in greatly with weapon customization.

Fatshark is sitting on top of a goldmine and I don’t think they realize it fully.

Suggestion / Inspiration: Cosmetic Painting System + Hallowette implementation


Like genuinely the potential with this mod is limitless and lets you do so much stuff.

cmon FS, let it happen. Any clothes could combo with any other clothes, the unparalleled freedom alone would be a gamechanger.


A top-tier mod, and (with a little elbow grease) a top-tier official game mechanic. All eyes are on you, Fatshark.


This is a total non sense that they have all what they need to deliver us a cosmetic system great and also a weapon customization…

So many potential for them to earn money… So much potential wasted


You know the reason why. Take the Steel Legion OG coat, swap the color set to color 2 city 3 and the camo pattern to 9 inv and you just made the re-released coat minus the Steel Legion badge (and 1400 aquillas).

Yea, it’s sick, man! And if you follow this to it’s logical conclusion, guess where you end up? You end up with a decades-spanning live service game that supports the families of hundreds of Fatshark employees at the one-time cost of $60.

Kark me, I just threw up in my mouth.

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No lie… For the drip and the weapon customisation mod are top notch… I spend hours on hours changing my character color patterns or customizing my weapons… Cudos to the modder crew… Unbelievable potential

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I mean other games which are full F2P pull off allowing you to recolour stuff just fine.

Warframe sells colour pallets but the generally put out new skins with full on look redesigns and models you can’t get from just swapping the colour around.

DRG also has the ability to apply existing colours to new / old skins and does fine.

I don’t feel like simply adding the ability to swap the colour around would completely sink the skin market.

All this means is that for new skins that would need to actually make a proper new model which should kind of be expected since they are asking people to buy them for money.


Yeah and if you made the cosmetics cheaper they’d sell more, if they had proper rigging for female torsos they’d sell more, if you could customize more than just head/body/pant zone like any game released after 2010 they would sell better…etc. Obviously this is all of very low to non existent priority to the studio.

And logically we won’t get any traction on it, or even acknowledgement like the aquillas situation. They readily sell the same cosmetics sets in alternate colors. There would be yet another PR booboo to implement this officially, having already sold potentially 3-4+ of the same item. The steel legion jacket is about the only case of it not being a true reskin, and its just replacing one badge on the sleeve.


I’d love more color options (and cheaper/cleaner cosmetics as MD just mentioned), but for whatever reason Fatshark has decided this business plan works. And the oodles of fresh cosmetics I see in my matches suggests they might be right.

I use For The Drip, and I’d be mega-bummed if FS made an uncharacteristic move and started somehow detecting-and-banning people for using it. But for now, I’ll recommend everyone drip on!

And if you can afford/like a cosmetic in the premium shop, treat yourself I guess.

If anything, allowing players to recolour their skins to an extent could even boost the cosmetic purchases. People would be less likely to purchase reskins, but this will only be a problem if Fatshark CONTINUES to pump out reskins. If they produce new and unique cosmetics instead, it might actually encourage the purchases of the cosmetics, as players get more bang for their buck and will thus be more likely to purchase them.


Played with it more and the potential is crazy. like cmon fatshark, do you not want big money?!?!?


My point exactly. All Fatshark would have to do is sell players the cosmetic templates and implement this mod into the official game. I smell healthy, sound and reasonable profit.