Making some Primium Cosmetics Avalable Cross Class?


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would love this

this is great

im not sure, its seems to plain for me, maybe a backpack with some plasma orb stuff going on!?

that could be cool

There is one all-class cosmetic that I know of, its the bionic-monocle (bionicle).

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Sure it would be better if most cosmetics were available cross-class.

And only some were locked to specific classes.

ya, i think their should be more though, im hopeful

the only problems are then which becomes cross class and which stays single class?

Nope, the only problem is that Fatshark is not interested in any of these.

i can hope, they consider it

There is one of the augmetic eyes that is already available for all 3 human archetypes, so it is clearly doable.


Yea I just put in for a refund after biting the bullet for my fellow rejects and buying the rebreather you can try on Veteran despite being tagged Zealot. It looked so much better on Veteran, but no the generic masks need to be locked to Zealot for their lack of inspiration on their cosmetics.

you can refund items you purchased?
you mean items back into Aguilas or Aguilas refunded back to you personally?

You can ask in technical support or raise a support ticket for refunds of items back to aquilas.

yup, many have used this for items that are depicted different from what they actually look like.

this and for the drip are on my Xmas list, but at this point im losing abit of hope in anything happening

For The Drip is basically what Fatshark uses already to sell cosmetics, ain’t no way they’re making it a feature.