Add more Weapon Skins and Trinkets

Hello everyone.
With this Topic I want to highlight the scarcity of Weapon Skins and Trinkets.
As for the Skins, right now they leave a lot to be desired. In most cases we only have three Weapon Skins: the default one, the «default but red» one (Fire Wastes) and the «default but green» one (I don’t remember the name). So, one skin and two recolours. Compared to the variety of Vermintide 2 it is very little, without discussing the fact that generally, in Warhammer 40,000 lore, higher quality weapons also have a richer and more decorated appearance (it is the Dark Heresy manual that states this: if necessary I can recover the quote). In Darktide, however, there is no visible difference between a weapon of Profane quality and one of Transcendent quality. This frankly seems disappointing in a video game set in a universe where the Rule of Cool reigns supreme.
The same goes for the Trinkets, which are few and in most cases facing in the wrong directions or hanging in absurd places from the weapon, which is why even a Trinket that would be beautiful in itself makes a bad impression once applied.
Adding Weapon Skins to the Commodore’s Vestures is not the solution. It’s not a problem if there are one or two paid Skins, as long as there are at least five or six free ones.
What I suggest instead is to add more Weapon Skins and Trinkets (not just recolours!) and perhaps implement them in Melk’s Requisitorium, a bit like what was done with the Quests and Contracts of the first Vermintide, or perhaps add new ones to earn during special events .
Really, all of this may seem like trivial things, but by giving your players the opportunity to customize the look and gears of their Rejects and give them a unique touch, without necessarily having to resort to paid content, you will earn the gratitude of the player base.
(The same can also be said for clothes, helmets and the like, but for now let’s limit ourselves to Weapon Skins…)
And if we really have to lower the discussion to the economic level, I would like to point out that building customer loyalty and earning their trust and gratitude always has a positive economic outcome.

They need to implement changing the material and colour layer for recolours first. The engine can support it, the mod that does it just taps into existing functionality.

The skins we have right now aren’t even recolours, they’re their own model where if it’s the variant you use, great, if it isn’t, it changes your weapon into one that you’re not using.

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