Weapon trinkets/decorations

This has been suggested before, not just by me but by other members of the community as well. Decorations for weapons. Call them trinkets, mementos, lucky-charms… You know what I’m talking about. Some small thingy which we could “attach” to any weapon just for decorative purposes and additional fluff. There are multiple games which have these sort of decorations, but just for presentational purposes here are some screenshots from Borderlands 3

Wax seals, skulls, fangs, medals, crystals, dices, holy symbols… whatever comes to your mind. I was always a sucker for decorative things and I’d like to see something like this implemented in VT2.
What are your thoughts and opinions?


I like the idea but knowing Fatshark’s current history with cosmetic elements in the game, I doubt if it will happen any time in the future.
And even if it does, there is a high chance it will still be made frustrating in one way or another (like weapon illusions, duplicate hat recolors, as well as Weave weapons being Weave-locked).

I seriously think there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to user experience design in Vermintide 2. In a lot of places, it feels like the systems are intentionally designed to go against the basic principles… But that’s a topic for a different thread and it has already been discussed by half the playerbase at some point or another.


Yup, I know, I was here from the beginning… FS is choosing not to work on the additional cosmetic elements as much as some other studios. Although, I salute the recent refreshment in head cosmetics… That’s not nearly enough but it’s something.

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