Collectiong of Improvements for Vermintide 2 with Voting

I have played Vermintide 2 now about 150 hours its not so much but it will be more in the future. I like it more than Vermintide 1. Vermintide 1 was more a game that i played between other games but Vermintide 2 is more a game which i play a complete afternoon without an other game. So that means its good. But it has some negative things which i want to tell and maybe you can do that better. I also say some things which i very like that you dont delete this things or something like that. If something is allready in and i didnt see it let me know it.

Lets begin with the negative things wich you should fix or improve:

!-1. First thing the important one. In Vermintide 1 could you enhance your attribute! Why is it not in i dont want to role the dice for random attribute with random value that is very bad solved. That is the only thing what was better in V1 than in V2 so bring that back that is an important function to improve your attributes!!!

-2. You should implement that function where we could change the picture of the frames in the HQ. It was in at the Beta so and now its nearly a half year after that and that function is still not in. Why? So bring it back and maybe make some special pictures which we can unlock for doing something like make an hero lvl 30.

-3. It would be cool if we can customine our HQ with things we can unlock in challenges or maybe trophies from lvl whichwe made in legend or what ever. But a trophie room would be cool.

-4. More Collectors Edition content! Especially not only skins for the first character career. Make for all one new skin

-5. More things for character customation

-6. Maybe a book where you can see what customation items are in and which you have. It would awake collector charming of itmes and skins.

-7. It should be possible to kick player at the end of a round. Because you cant finish if you have a troll in the game and he dont come in the end.

-8. Chaos Spawn is to OP. It should be balanced or better nerfed.

-9. If only one player is alive the enemys should be automatic balanced that they have less life while he is alone. If he revives a other player the enemy should get partial more life again.

-10. Also if only one player is alive a hook rat and other special which can grab a player shouldnt grab the last player or maybe just spawn less than.

-11. The first elf should regenerate her life not only to half she should regenerate it full. You could do it that it regenerate slower after the half than before but it should regenerate.

-12. Dont nerf Heros (except its a bug)if one is to OP than buff the other and dont nerf that one. And if the game is to easy than, tha n buff the enemys but dont nerf a hero. If you played with that hero a lot and he got nerfed and now he is crap than you dont want to play with him again because you knowed how good he was.

-13. A new Character would be cool. The new career was nice but one new character whould be cool too. Maybe as buyable DLC or as free update or if you do a Vermintide 3 than there. I mean it would be possible. The heros could find on their journey a new survived hero and this person get part of their team or an enemy hero which changed the side or something else. There are enough ways you could implement it in the story.

-14. Maybe implement that we can improve the power lvl of an item because if you found a good item and you want to hold it you cant because you cant enhance his level. Maybe 1 power lvl for one material. So with that logic it would be very expensive to enhance a noob lvl item and not so much for high level items.

-15. In Vermintide 1 was there some items where you get life for crits or something. Bring that back as attribute or propertie but not temporary life like the skill at lvl 20.

-16. It feels like there are less item properties than in V1 but maybe it feels only so but they could be better and more.

-17. Improve Crafting more. I know its improved but a little deteriorated like i said in Point 1. I dont like that randomized crafting things. Randomize is good if you open boxes but if you craft something you want that thing, what the reason is you began to craft so an item with your attributes you want and properties. Maybe you need some more materials or special material which you get while playing or material which you get in specfic maps for example if you want an attribute wich crit change you need a blue stone or something and that stone do you get in skitter gate or something i dont know. come up with something.

-18. Remove anti Cheat. That was in Vermintide 1 better that you can use every mod you want and play like you want. Not every one want to grind in this game.

-19. Fix some bugs improve the hitboxes and animation that they not stand me while they are hitting and something like that. There are some bugs you get blogged or cant hit an enemy cause he make an animation where you cant hit him but you got blocked from him. Balance some Weapons and enemys but this is more a general post.

-20. Some easter eggs if not allready in maybe in the HQ there is so much climbing stuff you could do easy something.

-21. Less randomness while rerole the attribute. Better saying it should be in that you could choose rerole only 1 attribute or rerole both. At the moment you can only rerole both and you cant enhance that attributes so that is not so good. Enhance attributes did i say in point 1. It would be nearly perfect if you could say now i want only rerole the first attribute or the second attribute because sometimes one of this attribute is very good but the other more useless but you dont want to rerole because maby you get the same attribute with less value or worse attributes. Like i said in point 17 in some point is randomness good like chest opening but sometimes its just annoyingly like in the crafting system.

-22 Randomness from opening boxes should be controlled that it is not complete random. For example i mean, that after every 50 boxes drops a guaranteed hat and every 30 boxes a guaranteed red item or that the chance of getting a hat or red item get increased after every chest without red item or hat until its guaranteed and if one hat drops the chance got resetet or something like that. I hope you know what i mean with a little controll of the randomness.

-23. Maybe some minigames in HQ but its an Point for later all stuff above is more important than that.

-24. If you do a Vermintide 3 maybe a open world game would be cool if possible.

Now the things i liked:

+Skill tree

+Character career

+Customisation(it was in V1 so its not new but its a good point)

+bigger HQ than in V1

+Unlocking rooms with level of character career.

+new enemys but not the Chaos spawn

+Power lvl of items and character

+how you get boxes or itmes. its not so much randomiced which box you get. If you have all tome and grims you get a good box and maybe an imperial one. Its a good combination about skill and a little bit luck. If you do a Vermintide 3 you could implement that function without any changes.

That was all which i remebered what i wanted to tell you. Most likely did i forget something but i thing i have named the important things.

If there is a point, where you guys think it should in here, than write it.

If you have some questions you could ask me here or in Steam. Steamname: ResidentMikeGER

Greetings Mike and sorry for my bad english


That’s like the raw and simple feedback everybody would agree has a lot of merit to it even if it’s very naive in some ways=)

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There are some things i agree and some i disagree with.

  1. Agree

  2. You should have to earn the frames first.

  3. I think we gonna get a trophy room with the next DLC

  4. Well more skins are always good.

  5. What for example?

  6. Never happend to me in my 400h. Also it would make it possible that people kick somebody near the end of the round just for fun. People are already compaining that they get kicked without real reason. I think this would make the situation worse.

  7. In my opinion all bosses are not very well implemented. dodge dancing the rat ogre is to easy, stormfiend is to weak in generall, healthregen of the troll is not perfect and the chaospawn gives you nearly no attack window if you have a slow weapon

  8. Disagree.

  9. I think there are less specials spawning while only one player is alive.

  10. I think the elf health regen is fine.

  11. Well buffing every other heroes and buffing all enemys is so much more work than just nerfing one heroe. Why should anybody do that? I played all chareers arround the same time. So if one got nerfed the nerf always hit a chareer that i was playing refulary. If that happens just get used to it.

  12. More content is always good.

  13. Together with the temp healt that would be to strong in my opinion.

  14. yeah crafting is pretty awful.

  15. Well as long as i don’t get matched with a cheater im happy. But that might be difficult if they remove anti cheat.

  16. sure


Thanks for your comment. Yeah not all are good improvements and not all is important. Something like the minigames is more a thing they could do if they have to much time.

I think some numbers doesnt fit with my sequence. So i numbered my sequence now now it should be easier to comment my feedback. I will take your numbers. Lets begin at Point 5. Do you mean my Point 5 or did you maybe mean point 4. If you mean Point 4 maybe some golden frames for HQ or like i said skins for all careers of a character. I know one is golden but all golden would nice for collectors edition. If somebody dont like golden frames than should they make an function where we could change our frames.

Point 7 yeah it will not often here but we had it one time. We was in a round and had a noob in and he was died often. Than we said he is bad and wanted to kick him but it was to late we were to far in game and it was not possible to kick him. Additionally he was not very happy because we said he is not good and so he trolled us and doesnt go in the portal at the end. So yeah i know what you mean the problem if its possible to kick than there are trolls which kick at the end so both is bad. The Problem is if there is so a troll you could wait infinite and you cant kick him. Maybe it would be compromise, if only the host can start a votekick so than must be the host a troll. If all could kick than the chance of a troll kick would be higher i think. Or Maybe that we start a vote kick if we stand to long at the end portal or if one guy stands to long afk somewhere that we could vote kick him or both. I dont know maybe the devs know a better idea.

Point 8 thats true.

Point 9 why not. I mean specially with that point that bosses would be scaled because if you are alone against a boss and the teammates which you could revive are outside of the arena (outside of this green wall) its almost impossible to win against the boss. Formost if it is a chaos spawn. The only boss which i think which would possible to kill alone would maybe the stormfiend. So that we have a better chance to survive if we are the last man. I mean its intended from the devs that somebody is alone and has to survive because there are skills which make you stronger if you are the last person.

11 yeah she is playable but she was much better while she had a full life regeneration. Maybe like i said you could do it with a slower regeneration after half life.

12 Its more work but better. It doesnt destroy your favorite character or weapon. Maybe it was not a problem in this game until now but for future nerfs they should think about to buff maybe the other things.

15 would be powerfull but legend is a hard mode so you need powerfull things and if its to powerfull you could make the enemys stronger. Or some deeds are very hard so for this it would be perfect.

18 yeah maybe not complete remove but if you use a not approved mod that you only can play alone or with guys you have invited. But it should count.

Yeah i know not all points are very meaningful but i write all what I just remembered while i was writing. Some points are very important formost point 1. Maybe we could do a community vote. I will write this as a new post again instead of a reply to your comment.

Maybe we could do a Vote what you guys think they could improve. So say the numbers you want that would be improved. Than we could count how much a point was voted and this points than the most important. There should be no limit so you could vote for all numbers if you want, then all numbers get one point. If you think yeah i would vote for this point but only if it is otherwise solved. Than write that and vote for this point and maybe you could explain how they should solve it. Maybe you could sort it so that you beginn with the most important number. Let me know what you think. Should we do a vote about what improvements they should do first and what should they do at all? If we want to make a vote what rules we want to do. I would suggest that every person could vote all numbers if he want and maybe he can 2 votes for his 3 most important things. It could look like this:
(important this is only a example)
i give 2 points to:
i give 1 point to:
i would give a vote for this but with changes:
8 Maybe they could improve this if they do blabla etc

Most of the stuff is kind of standard bug fix we all want from FS.

baring in mind I have a few more hours, and do true solo’s in legend so have a different outlook on the game, some things you raised I think could actually make the game less fun and unbalanced:

8 - After learning how to fight him, I have found him one of the easier boss’s to fight. 1v1 he is a pain sure, however with the right dodge dance your team can kill him really fast (few videos on youtube how to fight if wondering)

9 - True solo is possible and the problem when solo is not the spawn rates or any thing, it is the bugs making things silent, or the bugs making hits not register. I feel changing the game so that 1 person find it easier could lead to the team killing them selves so a good player can just walk through the map, then res and die again.

10 - last person not being able to be CC’d would make this game far to easy, as they tend to
be the the only thing that really will stop a smart person from soloing every map, and again as stated above could promote an un-fun situation were soloing is easier than playing as 4.

11 - elf is already strong enough does not need full health regen, or any buffs… few bug fixes would be nice.

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i think only point 19 is bugfixing. To point 8 i know the dodge dance method but it is not real fun to fight him. if i would rank them which is easiest than my first place would be the stormfiend than the ogre he is a little bit similar like the spawn but he has no life reg. Place 3 would be spawn or troll spawn is easier than troll if you know what to do but i think against the troll was easier for me because my team was better against troll than spawn. I would say the life reg from spawn should be easier cancelable and the troll should not have the life reg its very hard to fight him alone. I mean the life reg from the troll which runs the hole time not the life reg where you can hit him.
To point 9 yes i saw it spawns most time only one grab enemy so its ok at solo and that bug that they are in one while they hit because they are to near and you cant see them short is what i ment with point 19. But there are more bugs just only this but this is one of the mos tannoying bugs.

to point 10 i mean more the boss fights with that. Because boss fights are alone are most time very long and nearly impossible. Less life for bosses than would be enough. I think if the bosses have less life than it would not too easy but it would be more possible to beat him and you waste not so much time. It should not be a one or two hit but a little bit less life would be great in my opinion.

to 11 i think its matter of opinion but it was not so an important think for me. The most important thing was point 1 and that it is not so much random in crafting. Sure elf is strong but she would not too OP if she gets a full life reg and like i said the life reg could be reduced at the half of life so that it regenerate less. I think in beta she had full regen too and it was not so OP. I would say there are other characters better than the elf.

But again some points are important some points are just ideas and some points are not really important.

There is a trophy room in the keep, it’s just not open yet. You can bug into the room though.

For sure xD All my mates bought the collectors edition and I got the basic, they have all talked on discord about how it felt like a rip off.

Not really sure what else they can do? They just need to add more costumes and hats to the game.

Not sure what collector charming is? But yea, a list of all the current available items would be nice.

You can do this, just kick them before you get to the bubble. I’ve kicked people while running down the hill to the bubble after killing the boss on War camp. Obviously it’s something you should hardly ever have to do… The only time I did it was because of a troll who refused to help kill the boss and just cursed in chat the entire time.

It’s not. It’s one of the harder bosses, but it is not OP. 2 people can easily kill it while the other 2 take care of the horde and specials. Just yesterday, myself on FK kruber and a Zealot killed it while the Pyro cleared the horde and specials, bardin ranger was dead. And this was on the map, into the nest, which is very narrow and closed off. We had no issues and it was on Legend difficulty.

I would suggest going into the modded Relm and spawning Chaos Spawns so you can practice dodging and killing them. If you have two people it’s very easy, one of you takes agro and just blocks and dodges its grabs while the other hits it until he takes agro, then you attack until you get agro and repeat until dead. 1 vs 1 is a little more difficult but still way easier than trying to solo a troll. The only time I can solo a troll is on WS with hagbane.

No, that’s rewarding bad game play and would make clutching less awesome.

Nope, again, rewarding bad game play and would make speed running much easier.

I would say up to 70%, as even with 33% curse reduction on Legend, 1 hit is still gonna kill the elf at half HP with both grims. I could get behind normal regen up to 50% and then half up to 100%. It would make her other talents more of a choice, people might actually take party regen or double regen for her over ammo regen if that was the case.

Yep, I’ve always felt this way. Buff other characters and weapons up instead of nerfing down good ones. Running Legend with pubs is still a 50/50 chance of failure, at least for me, might actually be lower. Running with my groups on the other hand, we hardly fail unless the AI director cucks us with 6 specials, a horde and boss at the same time.

Tons of threads about this here on the forum. I’ll give you a link to my theory if you want to read it,

Kinda pointless. The power levels don’t really add that much damage compared to the actual stats. Try equipping the default weapon and shooting dummies, not much of a difference. The 10% armored, infantry and chaos are what make a big difference. And you get new items and weapons so much lvling up that it’s pointless to try and keep the lower ones. And by the time you start knocking out champion games, red items will begin to very slowly start trickling in until you do Legend and start complaining about having too many of each one. xD

That would be broken. Try equipping the dual daggers on the elf and hitting the dummies in the keep. Around every 3rd attack will crit. You would be at full HP all the time.

Most of the traits are pointless right now, extra stamina on headshots and stuff. They need to seriously rework them to make them useful. 5% speed buff on head shots that doesn’t stack would be far more useful than extra stamina.


The Devs have actually said this is something they want to implement.

I’ve thought about something similar. Open maps where you can just explore and kill hordes, take out patrols with friends and so on. I don’t think it’s going to happen though.

Agree with most of the other stuff tho.

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You said you have a theorie abaout new char? Lets tell it if you want. Maybe as PM. Sure that you can kick player short before end? At the game was released yes it was so but i thought they have changed it that you can only kick player up to the half of a game or so.

Yeah they should implement alot of your points. I think they should first change the crafting. The crafting shouldnt be so much random would be cool like you said that we can rerole only one attribute and that we can enhance that attribute. That is one point i dont understand why its not in it was in Vermintide 1 too. Some guys here said Spawn is not too OP. Maybe not OP but he should get a little nerfed he is very annoying. I hate it every time if a boss spawns and i hear this music from him. Only if i hear it i could alt f4. Ok troll is not much better. Any yes i know the dodge dance method.

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