Summary of my negative experience with V2

This post is my personal critic about V2. I posted one right after the closed beta phase about my first impressions - and this one is dedicated to my experience with V2 (in comparison to V1) after about 50 hours playtime (+ the time in the beta).

First I wanna say, that even though “critic” comes from the word “krinein” - which means something like “divide” or to separate and is supposed to to describe the good and the bad sides of something, I am going to concentrate about the bad sides (imo). Because the good sides about V2 are just too many. This post would become something like a huge eulogy. But I just wanna say that I love this game pretty much, as it is now. Nearly as much as I loved V1. I am a huge old-school Warhammer Nerd - I especially love Dwarfs and I think Bardin is one of my favorite Game Characters os all time - V1 was my favorite game so far, and maybe V2 gotta be Nr 1 in some weeks - because well … eventhough it is very, very good and made so many things, so much better than V1, it still has to improve many things.

To my negative feedback points:

  • The community: The biggest complaint I have, right on top of everything, is the community. I come from the PS4. Yeah i know - we had terrible support. Our community was small. We went through bad times: DLCs had something like a year delay, no mods of course, the terrible 6 months without being able to play public (till somebody found out to turn off the VOIP) … well you had to be stubborn to go through this. But still we held together. It was still easy to find new, nice people - and the old veterans would not give up, hunting those reds and playing every evening some runs together. We were happy about every rooky that came in and we helped everybody with Cata that wanted help. Communication was so great and making “friends” was very easy. And before somebody shouts out, that you can have the same on PC, I gotta tell you - it will be hard to accomplish. This game is supposed to be about helping together - and I saw this work on PS4 as intended, by fatshar. There was maximum 1 toxic player in 100 beginners. Here I see nearly every evening some quarrels in the chat, barely anybody has headphones, the few people, that have some, are just making demands and giving orders. Except the proforma “Hi” when entering a game barely anybody wants to communicate. But by far the worst habit is, that people join the game and after finishing, even if it worked out fine - they quit and search for a new group. What’s the point about it? You never gonna make a group suitable for Legend if you always join and leave again. The fun part of Vermintide begins with a nice group, not by rushing through one success to next with different people. On PS4 the opposite was the case - even if you lost a game, you tried again - it was something like a challenge - to make even new players win a hard map. For this reason, Our very small community felt much bigger then the PC one does. A million random joiners, that are not able to play together, that feel worse than bots, are so much less welcoming than a few hundred people that are happy about every new member. I could go on at this point but maybe there is some hidden sub-community somewhere, where people are more interested in playing together more frequently and being more supporting. I could not find it yet, here on PC.

  • The somewhat normal enemies: Again, so many good sides … but negatives as well: The skaven are great. The only thing really missing is the jezzail. But who knows if he is going to join them at some point. But the chaos is very much unpolished in my opinion. I’m not mentioning the very nice enemies in their lines, I still think that the storm weaver and the leech are not fitting for the game. Mages are supposed to be very rare - even in the chaos hordes. Maybe, they would have been better off as mini-bosses - but as frequently as gutter runners, packmasters and co is ridiculous. For me, as a lover of the lore and long-time WHFRP player, they are immersion breaking. When it comes to gameplay, these two also feel very unpolished. They teleport around like not being in control of their teleporting skills. Doing damage, by porting in your close distance, is something you can not prevent, they sponge too much damage (one player yesterday rage-quit after hitting a leech on Champion about 10 times withour killing him - he played a sword-elf). The storm weaver always casts his freakin tornade - which should be one of the harder to cast spells in Warhammer. Why not give him more but weaker spells or something. I don’t know … I just think those two are forced into the finished game.

  • Bosses: Benedict Cumberbatch is just a pain in the arse. I know, there are so many tactics right now, that let you kill him. Well - in the current community state, you can not do that decently - with pubs at least. The level gets skipped. Same with skittergate, because it is bugged. But the freakin’ Nurgle mage is becomming the new Wellwatch/Summoners. People hate to play this level - even though the level itself is designed great, they just jump from some cliff or run into a horde - or what I like most: they just leave again after joining. Your game still has to be fun - so make every level rewarding. (On reddit, somebody had the idea to give a granted loot-dice after the fight - nice idea - but still makes killing him kinda a random thing)

  • Farming the reds: After opening countless Champ-General and emperors I did not get a single red. Like so many others. Not a problem at all - In 200 levels on PS4, just playing nightmare and Cata (most full runs) I only got 1 or 2 reds from ranald. All the others from the bounty board. I still used oranges most of the time and did not care. Now, it makes a huge difference because it can make your average best item loot so much higher. I am no doctor in your game-mechanics, especially to the loot system - but as far as I understand it, you get much higher loot if you already found a pwr level 300 red, because it pushes your level up. This should not be - it feels punishing and too much RNG depending. Well this brings me to the loot system.

  • Loot system: V1 had the worst loot-system I have ever encountered in my life. I had to do chain of fire 120 times to get a pick. Improving this system was not just needed, it was granted - just by changing something. (Sorry for being so harsh on this point - I still can see why you made it like this). In V2 there are but still problems in the new system. It has become even more unrewarding. In V1 I got pretty much always an orange item after a full Nightmare/Cata run. Now I get a box with three questionable items, I am going to salvage at the first chance, I can take the time to use the stupid salvaging function, that lets me get rid of 9 items, out of about 120 new ones, that are absolutely unusable. In V1 I had to overthink my item use from time to time. Do I want more ammo or or killing blow? Now the only decision I have is, which one I am going so salvage first - the blue item that makes me deal more (like 5% - wtf?) damage to berserkers - or the the one that grants a trait to increase my bomb radius by 50%. If you stay with this let us salvage it, the moment we get it. Or let us mark the worse when opening a box. But at least get rid of the stats(?) that nobody ever uses. You should be able to see good use in all of them, not just on some.

  • The abilities: Like every point, this is a step forward from V1 and I really like my smoke bomb now. But the talent tree has too many no-brainers. Almost everybody uses the skill for “temp health for kill”. The talent trees really need to be reworked, to make you feel like every point could be put different, and still making you better in specific situations, that are not singularities or just for vetereans or noobs.

  • The classes: As a kid, I spent all my money, I raised for painting walls, trimming the grass in neighbours garden or going a walk with my uncle’s dog into a unit of ironbreakers. These were the most dwarfish dwarfs I could imagine. I even made my dwarf king look like an ironbreaker. The moment I played with bardin in V1 - I wanted him to look like an Ironbeard. Now there is the possibility. But I do not want to use him, because he is a strange kind of no-brainer. There are discussions about this nearly everyday on reddit and they always go like “Ironbreaker OP”. He makes you worse in the game. It is well-known that playing him gives you “bad habits” … That “he makes you worse” has become the one phrase to describe why ironbreaker is not to be played with. I was one of the better players on the PS4 - and I became better by watching Jsats Videos and trying out his way of playing with my controller, as good as I could. Now this ironbreaker - the dream of my inner child - is like a cheesy noob magnet. The slayer, as many experienced players on reddit claim, is a fun character, that is not suitable for higher difficulties. The lack of ranged weapons makes him uninteresting (He is seen as some kind of trainigs-character - that forces you to learn how to properly kite and dodge dance - so the opposite of IB). But people leave the game, when they see somebody use a Slayer in Champ and above. I hope Fatshark is going to take a good look at Malakai Makaisson when uverthinking the classes at some point - because you could easily give him a small bunch of throwing axes. Also do not forget about “Dammaz Drengi” for bringing a wider variety of weapons into his arsenal of melee weapons.

  • OP-Builds: I am not quite there at the max-min discussion, myself - Being at the beginning of about PWR level 200 weapons myself, so my picture of it maybe pretty noobish here… but many players claim to have found OP Builds. Siennas Beam Staff indeed looks completely overpowered. I do not mean “trueflight” overpowered. I mean like - wrecking everything, while the rest of the group just stands by and kills some trash while Siennas attention is somewhere else. Easy to fix, and not the biggest problem right now, in my opinion.

  • The deeds: Should be fun and they barely are. Give better rewards. Make them less impossible. Most of them seem to exist to give the community a curious thing to joke about and make memes on reddit. “oh look at this one - ridiculous!”
    We played some of them on veteran level, that were pretty hard (for vet) but the fun was not enough to make up for the unrewarding prices at the end. You still have to invest half an hour lifetime into it - which is a lot for a working person. I got my own company and really have to take time to play the game (and write a critic like this). In V1 was always worth it. Even If I just got a new orange weapon after the run, that I was going to salvage. But taking extra time to make a deed, and making you regret it by giving you nearly nothing for it, is senseless.

  • The level design: It’s great. I do not want to talk too much about this point because I love it all in all too much. But one thing really makes me question how well thought through the final quest is: Why not more epic? You travel to freakin’ Norsca! Why not push your level designers harder on this one. The one thing, good about the stupid end-times fluff is, that the happenings are so over the top - but the only cool thing on the other side of the portal, we get to see is a huge camp with tents? What about making the mini-boss against an ulrics-child or fimir or let us see a giant mammoth - or even fight on the plattform on it’s back while traveling to quest destination - or let us see a true norscan chaos temple. Total-War-Warhammer made so much more epic stuff for Norsca, and they did not even use the end times fluff.

  • Voice lines: When I told my friends to start playing Vermintide, I told them about your awesome sound design. (It’s also a big part of what I do for my living as filmmaker). After some time in the game, they called this bull****. The voice lines have become so much more repetitive. Kerillian was already given enough hate on reddit by some players, so I do not wanna go more into it - but why not just reuse all the voice-lines from V1 and mix them up with some new? There seems to be a huge need for victors ravaged body in the community. Adding as many as you can is alright - but I can’t see a point in deleting so many from V1. I even think that there are less lines now, in total.

So - I am at the end with pointing out, some negative sides on V2. Again, I wanna claim that this game is just lovely. I am going to spent so much more time with it - going through Legend, when I found enough dedicated, nice people, made my way through the strange loot system and found enough time to use the forge mechanics. This post is not meant to put down the great work of Fatshark - because I just love your work. But sometimes, showing love, means to help improve bad aspects, by pointing them out. And everything, I pointed out, of course, also has a good side to it. And for every point I made, I could imagine, that there is a good reason, an active choice, that made it like this - with good arguments for it. Still I wanted to call them out. Thanks for reading.

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