Progression, Rewards and Challenges


I personally have never liked the item system in any of the two Vermintide games, for me smashing heads and the challenge is the enjoyment of the game and items with random properties and traits takes away from the enjoyment, in my opinion.

The two points below is two ideas that I have had. This ideas would most likely be to big for a patch and more if they will make a Vermintide 3 in the future. Please comment and discuss but remember to respect each others opinion. =)

What would you think of…

  1. if the item system in the main game would be replaced with the Winds of Magic system where you can build your weapons and characters how you like without random elements.


  1. if the loot box system was taken out from the game and in its stead the Challenge system that is in the game right now would give you weapon/character skins and frames.

Would this speak to people or would the lack of reward from completing a mission put people off?


Yes, please. I like these ideas a lot. If they really want to keep loot each map, I would change the lootboxes to contain a single hat, outfit, or weapon illusion, or maybe some in-game currency that would need to be spent to unlock different weapon types /etc.

That could work too.

The problem would be after you got all the cosmetics there is, what then?
Would you still get lootboxes?
Could you then save lootboxes and open them when they add more cosmetics?

If there was a in game currency you bought or
built cosmetics with, what would it cost to buy/build a cosmetic?
If it is to cheap you get every cosmetic fast and would save up currency and just buy/build stuff the second they added more.
If it is to expensive it will feel like a long grind.