Progresion, rewards and weapon system


I’m really enjoying the weapon system in Weaves, building your weapon and changing it easily to try new builds are very enjoyable.

I would like to see this system in the main game instead of random loot with random properties and traits. I understand that changing the system now when the game is out is most likely not viable, it is probably a lot of work and changes a part of the core game. To much work for a patch.

So this feedback is more if a Vermintide 3 will come in the future.

I personally think that the system with random loot with random properties and traits is a unrewarding system, it is to much random chance.
Before you get a red Item you also have to think about how high the properties are as well.
So there is three random elements to a item. Properties , the number on the properties and trait.

With the Weave system you can see and feel the progression, you can set a goal that you easily can track. I also think that it encourage you to try out new weapons more.

Having the weave system also take care of the inconvenience to store a lot of different items for different builds and characters. It could instead be replaced with a save build system so you easily can change build.

The loot box system could still be in the game but instead of items the drops are 100% cosmetics.
But personally I would like to see something else then loot boxes.
Instead you could use the challenge system, challenges give weapon skins, cosmetics and frames.
Maybe you even need to complete a specific challenge to unlock the different weapons. Completing a specific levels or make 50 head shots to unlock the next range weapon or specific challenge to unlock a specific weapon.

I personally think I would enjoy that and I think that it fits with what I think is the core theme in Vermintide, challenge. Random chance is something that don’t fit with Vermintides gameplay in my opinion. It is also in my opinion important that the challenges for unlocking specific weapons is not to hard, should not be a frustrating experience to play with weapons you want.

Giving cosmetics and frames for completing challenges also give you something to show off, be proud of. Imagine someone asking you how you got that amazing looking rifle and you say “I completed The Skittergate on legendary with all grims only using range weapon.”

I also would like to see more look variations for the characters. Warhammer have a lot of different factions with different colors. The Empire for example have a lot of variations when it comes to the color of the uniforms, the same go for the different Dwarf clan colors.

lvling up could be like it is in the weave now or instead of having a pool of points to use on lvling up weapons you could lvl up weapons by using them.

And lvl up each class separately or instead of classes you just lvl up a character and have more class skills to choose from. Maybe even unlock them through challenges. Or unlock classes by completing challenges.

Vermintide is a great game. It has in my opinion the most satisfying melee combat in any game and as a Sienna main the range feels great too. The game looks great, the lighting is amazing.
But the progression in Vermintide 2 was a frustrations for me when the game came out.

Just wanted to share my thoughts and ideas.
Thank you for a great game!

// Cheers Lucky!


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