Diversity and accessibility are your strength, fatshark

I just would like to make this post to be sure that you’re not going to forget how cool this is and make a mistake on darktide.
See, what makes vermintide so nice is that there are so many mechanics, and so many weapons to use them with. A huge part of learning how to play vermintide is trying all the weapons, and all the mechanisms behind. That’s why loot boxes are actually a good idea: by forcing the player to get random objects, the new players actually try a lot of stuff, without getting stuck in one build. People are stuck if they are force to choose themselves a weapon to upgrade. Same with levelling heroes and not career. Having the possibility to choose is really enjoyable, not like in the spacehulk where you spent so much money unlocking one trait to realise you want another.
To achieve that, you should still give several rewards at the end of each mission, so we can try out as much as possible. Because diversity is your strength, but it can only be of use with easy accessibility.
There should be not much grind for builds and tests. A grind for general power only is acceptable, but not even necessary.
You’re actually doing it really well in vermintide! Except for properties. You could increase the accessibility of properties combinaisons, maybe by giving the player more choices. And improve user interface, of course. The weaves one is good, if you had a way to save builds.
One way I though about to do so is that you could give a weapon with random properties and values, and give the possibilities to pay to increase the value, to pay with another currency to unlock other properties. That ways newbies will not pay much and will be able to try stuff, and veteran will be able to choose and change easily.
TL;DR: having so many random weapon is a must as it give us the possibility to try everything, is well done in vermintide and should be kept in some way

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I enjoy the farm/craft items and long-term rewarded cosmetics too.

That being said, the crafting system became stale really quickly and is still stale. Most likely, they’ll have learned from this mistake and be doing a mix of athanor/stat unlock crafting system.

Yeah it’s quite rusty, but I’m glad we can unlock everything fast so we can focus and mechanism, and not grinding!

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