Cosmetics linked to level or achievements - suggestion

It miffs me that anyone - regardless of play time/level/achievements - can purchase all the cosmetics.
My favorites are the ones i earnt in game. What i would like to see is extra cosmetics which unlock - by level or achievements - - eg wining a hundred games on champion earns a cosmetic but also unlocks purchasable cosmetic items

Fatshark gotta make money somehow. There are cosmetics in the game that you can earn through just playing the game E.g character level hats and 100 champ+ hats. Honestly don’t you technically have to work to get most of the cosmetics, earning shillings? I mean technically you could just keep claiming the daily rewards but that’d make the process tediously slow.

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Hi, I am new here I just want to tell you that I understand your frustration with being able to purchase all cosmetics in a game, regardless of the effort put into earning them. Having exclusive cosmetics that are earned through achievements or gameplay is a great way to reward players for their dedication and add more value to their experience.

I think your suggestion of having extra cosmetics that are unlocked through specific achievements or gameplay milestones, while also making them available for purchase, is a great idea. This would give players a choice in how they obtain the cosmetic items, whether it be through dedication and hard work, or through purchasing them.

It’s also worth considering having some cosmetics that are only available through gameplay and cannot be purchased, to provide an extra incentive for players to work towards achieving them. This can help create a sense of accomplishment and pride in earning the cosmetic items, making them more valuable and desirable.