Exclusive end game gear/cosmetics

Just a thought concerning end game content and incentive for players to return for more.

How about adding exclusive content at every say, 500 levels ?

Every 100.
Every 500 is way too much.

Either every 100 or at set levels, like +50, +100, +250,+375 and +500, for instance.

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What kind of exclusive content have you in mind? End game gear like better stats? That would lead to powercreep and people would freak out over the necessary grind. Even if it is just cosmetics people would complain. Or even worse maps/weapons/careers?

Tying content to such grind rarely leads to a well-received outcome. I mean 500 level is …. a lot …. even 100 is pretty much already. Also 500 level on ONE Career or across all careers? Also what about the 100 games hats. This should be more or less one new item every 50 Levels. You have done them already?

For now we have Lohners Emporium (among other things) as incentive to return regularly. It probably matters how fast they can expand the store though. More to come this week.


There’s already a bit too much not “needed” grind :

  • The 100 games per career
  • The 500 deeds
    So if we could try to skip the “grind” reward, in order to make the games rewards more what you’re doing instead of rewarding you for “grinding”.
    Especially when thoses grinds usually don’t take into account the difficulty of the task.

I’m a fan of endgame cosmetics, but I’d rather them be tied to completing content than just grinding, myself. A certain amount of twitch legend or cata games on a class could reward you with something or another (though no idea how you’d implement that or if twitch games are tracked).

500 levels for a hat or something would be a pretty obscene grind though lol, how many hours would that even add up to? I’ve got to be close to 700 hours now and I’m not sure if I’d even have 500 levels. For a single cosmetic, that’s a bit much. A quarter of that would still be a pretty insane grind.

500 - 100 - 50. not up to me to decide. I’m just throwing out an idea that I believe would/could incite veteran players to keep coming back. Could be tied to levels, could be tied to quest, could be both. I just believe that when something is exclusive it should be very hard to archieve. otherwise it wont be exclusive.

The games end game content is cosmetics as is which is fine but as there is so little to chose from it just falls short. When you decide to make a game about cosmetics the devs need to understand that for that to work, they need enough so players can stand out just like avatar frames etc.

Adding additioning cosmetics that is also extremely difficult to achieve is the difinetion of “exclusive” = hard to get.

Would work on me.

Veterans already have shillings and new maps to come back. I’m okay with “hard to get” frames (and we certainly already have thoses). I just disagree that this is what the game needs right now to “make veterans come back”. (I certainly doubt they are gone because of a lack of frames to get)

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uhh, how about a frame for Helmgart Challenges on Cataclysm? :scream: ohhh nvm forget that, we don’t play Cata for the rewards…

To get back to topic, imho a reward for 500 levels is pretty legit, according to the fact that FS mentioned to keep this game going for 5 to 10 years, if I remember it correctly. I’m 2 years in now, playing since release with ~2k hours (according to steam) and have around 200 levels on each class. I’ve also heard of “one trick ponys” with way above 500 levels for a single career (well those are rumors since you can’t see the true level). If ppl are really into a career they should be able to show of with some “kinda exclusive” skins, regardless if they play on recruit, veteran, champion, legend or cata. If higher skilled players grind recruit for it I’m fine with that, not my problem if they like waterboarding in a vermintide style… gz to all those who did this with the 500 deeds btw. :roll_eyes: What I wanted to say is: even if those numbers seem to be out of touch atm. you’ll reach those “milestones” sooner or later if you keep playing the game.

I would certainly like more rewards (including frames) for Cata, but this is not a “grindy challenge”.

It’s usually a bad deal to make “stuff” only for the 3/4 people that have the time to attain it. It’s better to link thoses frames to actual challenges that can be seen as long term goals instead of “I played 100010 maps, in recruit, and I should have a reward for it”. Especially when the most veterans of us do usually play in modded realms where thoses things are not taken into account.

The game is a grind at it’s core and adding to that all games becomes grindy at some point.
I don’t see any issue with being rewarded for being a vet player.

I stopped playing around a year ago after reaching 1000 hours and being fed up with the same pointless grind. Pointless being the center piece as it was just that. Nothing to gain. nothing to archive. Adding a gold pile at the end of a very long rainbow would have kept me playing at the time and it always will - as long as the game is amusing at it’s core ofc.

Said content could be color coded so that reruit differs from cata

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? First you say it’s not a good idea to make somehow exclusive content since there are not many ppl. that can afford time to obtain it and in the next sentence you say you want “challenges that can be seen as long term goals” … don’t get me wrong, I would like to see rewards according to the difficulty level you play at and also less grindy more challenging rewards, but your answer here is just contradictory.

What has that to do with the topic? Players on modded realm know that there are no official rewards…

No. The game is a skill based game as its core with a diablo side added (somewhat not that greatly).

Being a vet player does mean having improved its skills to tackle on greater challenge, not to rehash the same maps in order to grind for thoses frames.

And grind will stay pointless, as long as the diablo side is not tackled on. Adding a few unnatainable frames won’t make it better.

It can be worded better I agree. But a long term goal is a long term goal you WANT to achieve (like doing all maps in Cata could be seen as a long term goal => doing 100000 maps is not). Kinda the difference between chasing a rare assassin’s creed armor rather than “getting all the feathers”.

It has to do that a lot of veterans, which this topic aims at, are playing in modded where no rewards are to be made. So if you offer them a challenge (like all challenges in cataclysm) they’ll do it in official and go back to modded. If you offer them with grind (like do 1000000 maps to gain 10000 levels), it absolutely will not engage them in the least. Especially when the shortest road to this will be screaming bell in recruit speedrun. So it does NOT take difficulty into account, and is a boring challenge.

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One doesn’t exclude the other. It’s still a grind.

Call it what you want, but if I take your words, there’s interesting grind and uninteresting grind. Doing X games is not interesting grind. Doing a specific map in cataclysm + twitch for example could be seen as interesting grind.

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I kinda understand both opinions here, maybe we should just seperate between “end game content” (what the title implies) that @Froh tries to find/explain solutions for and “long term rewards” in terms of a nice to have thing for long time players (or call it grind if you want, it’s depends on the player perspective aswell, if they see it as grind they feel forced to do it to get from A to B)

After all there should be a reason to keep playing for both factions here, the “vets” and the more casual playerbase…

All i want is some kind of reward for playing and reaching a certain weave, which i can wear for the duration of the next season and then i gets removed. for example: a badge, a recolor of a cosmetic, a frame, maybe a frame with the number of weaves u reached. That would be ‘endgame rewards’ for me and would keep making me come back every season. i also still enjoy twitch, but adding rewards to twitch would be to rng.

I’m not opposed to this idea at all. Doesn’t hurt any completist, as it gets removed after season. Can even be made “easily” without any “specific” frame, by replacing the level of the hero, by the highest weave reached this season (maybe with another color, so you know it’s weave level if you’re under 35 :p).

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Yea it would be either that or new weaves and winds per season, which would also make it intresting for me and make me personally intrested. Or just give us the option to stack modifiers on adventure maps like modded can, or do something like deep dives in deep rock.

edit: and yea you could like you said a number of the weave reached so everyone can show off and you dont need a specific weave to reach. i know leaderboards show this, but who honestly looks at leaderboards :’( (i know some care about it)

Originally, the winds were subject to change, and levels to be added. I guess they don’t really have time for this. But maybe it’s not off the table completely.

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