Exclusive end game gear/cosmetics

I honestly dont think fatshark has the capability to make new winds/part of maps etc every 3 months, so adding rewards would be the easy choice for them.

In order to do something like Deep Dives in Deep Rock, they can make “only deep dives” recolors, like glowing yellow, or red illusions for all weapons for example. But you need some “specific rewards” that also can be “easily done” if you want to reward stuff for thoses modes.
Weekly events seems fine to me as a deep dive replacement (if it were to offer some reward for let’s say every difficulty completed)

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Not sure that winds have been on the table for change. But I am pretty sure that we are getting new levels for them. I mean currently we have, I think, 10 base levels. Season 1 five of them had four types of the winds and the other five had the other four types of winds. In Season 2 this was reversed. So for now, we have seen each of the 10 base map with each type of wind.

I am halfway sure that we are getting a new batch of base maps next Season. And I am halfway sure, they are actually already done. If I remember correctly, one of the very first screenshots with the winds was actually of the beginning of Rightoues Stand. We haven’t seen that one yet.

I certainly would also add a glowing illusion (let’s say white or green) unlock for each loot rat killed, in order to add a bit of more interest to thoses.

This is what V2 should look like after 1000 hours


How about finding pieces of long lost equipment that could eventually be forged into end game gear far above the standard gear in terms of dmg etc only to be used in special events where “insert deamon or what ever” appears. This would again be for vet players as i would require a certain level to be able to survive as well as ahving spent time finding and forgin said equipment.

vet events so to speak

More cosmetics are always welcome, but i think we have a misinterpretation.

Endgame exclusive gear already exists, the black and gold skins and the portraits are examples.

I support new skins for all cata, or even level marks but 500 it’s too much indeed, It would take something like 2 to 3k hours of playing. I agree with @ArkBlanc

I’m at 1700 hours and Kruber is 35+480, Sienna 35+245, Plus Bardin etc at something like 35+100. I regularly play with someone who is exclusively elf and she’s got 35+900.

500 levels is not so big. [edit] butrewarding players ONLY every 500 levels is too big a gap between rewards.

I agree a bit :

  • Several quest that require to do stuff, could be linked to in game events (I mean, twitch mode is loved because it brings so much replayability that some events could be done from the base game).
    A sort of long line to craft legendary weapons (that I see as horizontal progression, which means, not better than base weapon, but offer some sort of unique effect that can’t be changed, for example: Ironbreaker Bardin taunt now set on fire everything around intead of taunt and damage reduction).

gonna taunt my fps to the ground first for sure :sweat_smile:

honestly, 1st season I “only” did the first 40 weaves what already takes ~4h and is super boring… I just started with a group with the intention to beat the weaves and we did the 40 again the last weekend (dunno if we can even manage the 120 in the 3 month timewise) but i need to say, even if FS changed the weaves a little, and honestly I wouldn’t even recognize a change if my mates wouldn’t tell me at some points, my will to do this a third time is pretty much unexistent on that level of “variety” and I’m really not sure if some frames will change that.

There need to be themed bosses and enemies in the weaves… smth exclusive to it that better fits the different winds… dunno, like some khorne demons in Aqshy or vampires/ghosts in death wind…

It never ceases to amaze me, that people actually want to be placed in a bloody Skinner box! I wish I knew more about psychology so I’d know what part of the human brain shortcircuits and causes people to feel that pointless grind = rewarding expenditure of time. How does this work? “I don’t enjoy playing this anymore. Guess I’ll quit. But if I’d get the option to demonstrate to other people that I repeated this action (of which I just said didn’t inheritantly enjoy) a bajillion times over instead, that’d be another story, off course!” Wut?!

Grinding in itself just doesn’t seem like either engaging gameplay or a reward to me. I detest the trend in gaming to make grinding the go-to way to promote “more content”, “replayability”, and player retention, instead of focusing on fun gameplay. Vermintide, however, is a game where gameplay itself is definitely the endgame instead of a drawn out grind, and I love it for that. There are so many ways one could keep this game being fun instead, even for veteran players with thousands of hours. The ingredients are all there, even. A mutator mode where people can simply choose which Deed / Weekly / Magic Wind modifier they want active without restrictions, for example. Or more specific challenges for maps / careers / weapons. And then we haven’t mentioned new maps / weapons / careers, even! Or mentioned mods…

And about the idea of a new weapon tier, or specific events only for people that mindlessly ground away half their lives: Those are the worst ideas for Vermintide I’ve heard in a looooong time. A new weapon tier would screw the balance in the entire game, and people would need to re-grind all over only to end up in the new status quo. That’s the very definition of artificial reward and difficulty. And why on earth would one gate cool gameplay behind grinding?! Just make that the reward in itself! Such bullsh_t only “works” in games where you pay a subsription to play anyways, and those models are very consumer unfriendly. Why on earth ask for such evil yourself?!