Endgame and the lack of it

FatShark, do you guys have a plan for endgame and if so, then would you like to share something about it to us (consumers)?

I liked V1 alot and I like V2 also. I’m just curious about what is there left to play for after being able to finish maps on legend etc.

Finishing 100 runs on champ or above to get a cosmetic helmet which doesn’t help you to kill stuff. Then repeat that same with 14 other careers… Grindy, eh??

Getting reds is cool and all, but they are hardly endgame items. They don’t do more dmg than orange items and they can be obtained from lower difficulty than legend. Doesn’t feel right. Any other games out there where you get top items without reaching endgame?

Why would I buy next dlc when there’s nothing to aim for? I need more depth to items and gears to keep me playing.

2-3 new maps and some reds that anyone can get without even stepping in to legend ain’t good enough. You gotta do better.


100 missions on each subclass is just insulting busy work grind.


Who or what is this endgame person or item you mention ? I thought the purpose of the game was to have no purpose. I mean that’s the game as it is right now.


Same as the end game for L4D2 for me.

Once I got oranges with decent properties I stopped caring about “loot” and the game got better. Mods and DLC/maps will help with retention.


i dont play legend, i do champ and i have 300 hours in the game and obtained 6 reds (dupes included) so far, 2 with the last patch and i think ONE cosmetic from a box , do you consider that a reasonable reward for 3 0 0 hours of playtime? Maybe you have a warped perspective here. Getting a better Axe and Shield than the “so poor its only sold to the empire” combo seems like completely undoable. The number of crates i opened i cant even fathom …hundreds over hundreds.

I mean, im sure they will add in more stuff but legend deeds and challenges is pretty much the end game, if you beat it all thats pretty much it. The end game in V1 was hardcore achievs similar to the V2 legend challenges. That and the secret map.

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All VT1 had for endgame was harder difficulties, I’m not sure what more you want. The game is what it is, killing mass quantities of rats. Sure, more gear and weapons would be cool, but eventually just redundant. Mods will bring harder difficulties, other than that explain what end game is in a game like this.

Mods wont save progress. Hence invalid argument.

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White listed i.e sanctioned mods will and we will be able to use them on the official server.
Now, in regards to the end game. As I see it, this game should and need to constantly evolve. Through more challenges, more cosmetics, more DLCs which should bring more maps and enemies.

I agree a need for more content for ‘endgame’ farming which isn’t just boring RNG. I disagree your statement ‘Why would i buy next dlc when nothing to aim for’…this game already has a lot of things to do for its price point. Conquering Legend difficulty and getting a red or 2 already consumes a lot of hours. to me this defines as an endgame farm. Whats needed is… what is after this point.

And if implemented and done properly…mods can be a lot of fun. But its nothing more than a supplement. Doesn’t ‘add’ content.

Hmm, take a look at Warhammer Total War for example. Steel Faith mod is a brilliant thing which brought new units and mechanics which made the core game more interesting and more fun. Never underestimate the will and determination of a modder. We might get a lot of new content thanks to modding. The only problem might arise with Games Workshop and IP protection. Let’s say that I’m a modder and I want to create Nurglings and implement them in Vermintide. But GW might raise an issue with that because FS didn’t acquire the permit for Nurglings.

Since the games core is a grind there should be achievements to be had along the way.
Grinding for grindings sake is not a viable option in the long run. Heck it’s not even viable in the short run either.
Implementing items in any format would give players something to work towards instead of this void emptiness of repeating the same old maps against the same old enemies for what? the game is over. Theres nothing new to be seen, had, done, to experience. It’s like watching a movie over and over. It becomes stale and boring. Even if in this case it’s our favorite movie. it’s downhill.

It would be so easy to implement something like this that it just blows my mind why it’s not there in the first place. Why do I have to ask for this ?

Just from the top of my head
1: Killing 100.000 enemies gives some decorative option for the keep.
2: Killing 200.000 enemies gives some defensive options for the keep.
3: Killing 300.000 enemies options up for talkative options with either passive npc in the keep/introduce new npc
4: Killing 500.000 enemies gives the option to chose from say lets 3 unique weapons for that character alone.
5: Killing a million enemies could change the game completely. The rats are now aware of your presence and will be adding additional forces to all maps and patrols. etc etc. The grind now has a purpose! Youre welcome.
6: Adding something beyong reds that has random properties and traits that are unique and cannot be rolled nor craftet on other items. “Black items” could contain the end game content in its own. This could be a a black halberd with what ever unique properties and trait blacks has that the other coulers dont. Semilar to set items in diablo. Heck how about adding sets into the game? again something to strive towards. Making the sets slightly overpowered but maybe add a disadvantage to them as well and ofc extremely hard to come by.

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Well it depends on what sorts of mods get implemented. I don’t doubt the creativity of the modding community. But what sorts of mods gets implemented. There are 2 ‘types’ of mods. various games allow for just 1 type or both.

  1. Mods that only affect aesthetics: including UI, environment, enemy skins, combat aesthetics…

  2. Mods that affect mechanics of the game : New skill lines, new enemy behaviors, etc.

Depending on what gets implemented it may add new content. but also might break the game (Eg. easy reds, ‘godpower mode’ kind of mods).

Blockquote ust from the top of my head
1: Killing 100.000 enemies gives some decorative option for the keep.

Good idea…but maybe not an aimless grind fest. Maybe as part of achievements. eg. Clearing certain deed with pre-requisites or clearing a certain map in certain time limit+certain no. of kills etc. Or, as part of any new content via dlc in the future

The endgame is just to improve your skill. Honestly . . . that’s the design intent. If your group are finding the hardest deeds too easy, try doing true solos. If that’s not your bag, then that’s fine, but that’s really the end game here.

I genuinely loved the game from level 1-30 bcs there was something to strive for.
There were talent points which were exiting to play around with and at the same time working on getting better equipment.
After level 30 it was just about getting better equipment but that didnt take long to achieve and now the game is just, well slightly boring to be honest.

Sure you can go true solo but why would you? it’s a game about cooperation between players to survive almost impossible odds. That’s what the game is about. It’s not about going true solo. Going true solo is only a thing because the game lacks end game content.

You could also introduce only running backward runs or only one eye open or have someone punch you in the face or even throw acid into you eyes runs. I’d advice against that last one though but if there were end game content players wouldn’t need to come up with new ideas to do on their own.
Cosmetics is nice but completely indifferent and is not nor will it ever be end game content.

Any games longevity is directly correlated to it’s end game content and VT2 is severely lacking.

Let me put this in layman’s terms so FS can understand it as well since they seem to have a hard time understanding the community: Vermintide 2 has no end game content period!

What would end game content look like to you? I haven’t see a lot of good examples yet. More maps? More gear? What types of gear? These are actual questions not argument.

I personally just want to get red weapons for the ones I use so I can actually enjoy the game at my pace.

I made a few sugestions a few posts up. Could be anything rly that would reward me of my continued time spent in the game

I’m not a fan of turning this game into Diablo, but there are a couple things that would be cool. Give us the ability to imbue our reds with say 10% more hero power on weapons, or a chance to proc an increase to power. It could be something to grind for, and not change the difficulty too much. Also, it would be a cool bonus for harder difficulties when mods come out.

Or, they could add a way to grind for the option to add a second trait to any weapon or jewelry.

Anything small to make us feel like we’re constantly working to become stronger.

V1 reds had trait combinations that default weapons couldn’t have. That was their specialty and a reason why most players grinded for them. Now reds are nothing special except for max rolls. Ain’t good enough.

I would like to have some special crafting materials or something like that to be had from clearing legend. They would be used to craft epic items that has better rolls than reds and maybe more interesting trait combinations. Different builds would then be legend worthy.

I’m not here to fight with any of you guys. I’m merely trying to ask endgame plans from FS. If you are willing to pay for dlc that doesn’t add anything new to the game besides maps and more rng reds, then so be it. I’m just saying it ain’t enough for me.


in other games I spend a lot of time experimenting with builds (traits and talents)
and with getting high end items.

but in v2 red weapons aren’t really better,
orange traits aren’t really “interesting”, and talents are either obvious to take or meaningless.

I loved the bounty board. the thing in v2 doesn’t give you any meaningful tasks and rewards are these tiring RNG chests?

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