End game content?

Been playing since launch. Loving the first person as I’ve recently jumped on from Diablo 3 and there’s a lot of similarities in some mechanics in both games but i’ve noticed there doesn’t appear to be a long term end game system that will keep me hooked. Is there a seasons style end game planned perhaps increasing difficulty and infinite gear levels as you go up in difficulty? Where there is also a leaderboard showing who has pushed to the highest level so far?

“…a lot of similarities…Diablo 3…” God please no, that is the last thing I want this game to be. The universe does not need another endless loot grind. Not disagreeing with your comparison, just terrified by what it could mean. Diablo 3 was a fine game, but the higher level difficulties were functionally identical to the lower ones. Just bigger numbers in terms of health and damage. I hate games that give the illusion of replay-ability, when all they’re really doing is tricking you into playing the same thing over and over again, but with different colored hats.

steps off of soap box

Now, if by endgame content, you mean higher level loot, then I totally disagree with you. I think anything that isn’t chiefly cosmetic (like red weapons) would be against the spirit of the game. If you meant higher difficulties, well, i’m still trying to beat each level on Legend :D. However, if they follow the pattern of VT1, then most of the DLC’s will be harder then the last. Think Trial of the Foolhardy and Death on the Reik. Not to mention systems like the daily contract board, but I suspect heroic deeds will somewhat take the place of this.

The great thing IMOP about game one, was that you hit the loot ceiling very early. As soon as you had a pair of orange tier weapons, you were ready for Cataclysm. Everything else was individual player skill and map awareness. The accessibility of top tier items meant that their weren’t gaps in the player base due to gear, only due to skill. That was a core element of Vermintide for me, and I really hope they stick with it for the sequel.

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