Need more endgame content / something to do when 30/300

I love the game and have enjoyed leveling all my characters to 30 but now that I am here I am finding the game repetitive with no rewards. It would be nice if there were some things that unlock at 30 or once all characters have reached 30 i.e. gear/maps/cosmetics. Also the fact that all gear caps at 300 makes the game very limiting as well.

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Do you play on Legend ? Do you SUCCEED on Legend ?
Mastering you character(s), your reflexes, make the crucial, right decisions.
Here is where you can enjoy the end game in such game IMO.

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Give the Devs enough time :smiley: The game “just dropped” they cant shoot out DLC like an machine gun :smiley:

It was released in a beta state though, without the actual end content of cosmetics being there… ( 1 skin per toon, 1 hat per class… red’s without illusions, some with 2 illusions) I really think too much time was wasted with the leveling and progression… when we could have just taken the same mechanics again… I really believe that the numbers progression is all a gimmick that isn’t necessary. Game would have been in a much better place to progress with baseline numbers and thresholds. The progression doesn’t last that long anyhow till you’re back working at a baseline of performance at cap. When 1.0 launched and nothing was working as intended anyhow regarding scaling. It’s been a bumpy ride. Sigh* If it winds up like VT1 though they’ll get a handle on things once they have about another year to sort it.

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