How many people check this forum but don't actively play anymore?

Im curious, please chime in if you check the forum but dont actively play the game anymore.

I didnt think all the bugs/problems/lack of content would faze me but i havent played in a week or two and more importantly I’m not sure if i want to anymore.
I would like a game that actually feels like a sequel to V1. All of the lore elements are either missing, or half of what they were in V1. That was my favourite, the immersion and learning more about the warhammer universe.
Even the new weapon descriptions feel boring/half done.

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I don’t go on forums of games I don’t play… what would be the point?


I dont go on nor have i been on any other game forums.
I’m hoping a reason to play will get added, which is why im checking. Like the lorebook in V1, or a guaranteed way to get reds/cosmetics. Okri’s challenges are pretty much a wasted effort in comparison to the V1 bounty board.


There is a reason to play tho?

A reason for me personally to play. Cosmetic, red, and lorebook page hunting was what kept me playing V1 so long and i can’t even do that in whats meant to be a superior game.

If you like the game enough to keep playing without loot or anything new occuring, kudos to you. Its not enough for me.


so you’re mentioning 2/3 things that you can still do in a superior game? It’s super easy obtaining reds if you play on legend atleast. Cosmetics is not too hard either if you do dailies and complete all the tasks for crafting, heroes, deeds etc…

Unless you got all reds, all cosmetics, every border, all tasks done then idk why you’re complaining.

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Feels like guranteed ways of getting a red is pretty lame imo, also the fact that they made commondation chests give reds is stupid, the reds should be a thing that was special and hard to obtain, but it wasn’t really hard to get it in the first place lol.

I can agree on getting guranteed weapon with max stats, but guranteed chance on getting the coolest skin in the game just like that wouldn’t make it special at all and better players wont stand out.

Since cosmetics are RNG, there is no difficulty associated with them. I may see 100, i may never see one. So far i havent seen anything and some of the cosmetics added in the content update are a joke (bardins eyebrowless helmet).
Challenge cosmetics dont count, i appreciate the helmets but the recoloured skins (that dont match any helmet) are lazy.

Reds are exactly the same in terms of RNG, but i played most before the drop rates were raised so they werent easy to get and now i dont want to keep grinding for reds that are useless that i dont want. Ive got 3 red hammer and shields and literally 2 other red weapons. Its insane.
There are several red skins per weapon (or at least should be).

You cant choose a red weapon/cosmetic and work towards it over a couple days (like in V1), which was a perfect way to deal with the pains that come with RNG. They’re still hard to get, even harder to get the one you want, but at least its possible.
For some players, they will never get the red weapon they want, others will have 5 or 10. I think getting one guaranteed red at a time isnt that cheesy.

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how many hours have you in the game and stop opening your chests on IB lol
you’re bound to get a red you like at a certain time and then you’re gonna look back and remember all the hard work you did for it.
I’m nearly 300 hours now with 2 hats, 8 red weapons and 6 accessories and I wont lie i hated seeing my friends getting reds all day, but then the luck changed (which it does) it’s still possible to get the one you want without the “work towards” thingy

You are very lucky. I’ve got also 14 reds, 11 of them being accs.
So only three weapons and all of them more or less useless (sword for Sienna, Pickaxe and Drake-Pistols for Bardin).

I would love a “scrap for red dust” and “use x red dust to upgrade an orange item”.

Oh, and @topic: I play this game, 'cause killing rats is fun… although I’ve really lost the optimistic anticipation while opening chests. :frowning:

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449 hours. Got my money’s worth from the game. I check forums to see if anything can pique my interest to play again. The lack of visible gains via reds (non-dupes) or cosmetics is disheartening.


Jesus… so first off, the Devs have already said that they want to make the reds you want, easier to get. The last post I saw from a Dev was something along the lines of melting down your current reds and crafting the one you want.

As for cosmetics, yea, I’m a bit annoyed that there are hats in the game, but not unlock-able at this time. This is something they need to fix ASAP. It’s insane that there’s only currently 3 hats per class for each character but there’s a lot more locked behind walls for future updates. Also, the drop rate is far to low. It should be at least a 5% chance for hats and there should be a check in place after you fail to get one after so many chests. This is also something they said they want to do.

None the less, if you don’t play the game, why are you on the forums for it? There’s tons of other really great games out right now. Go play some and come back later.

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The 100 clear hats are excessive too. That’s pretty much all I have left to do in the game now and if it wasn’t 100 I think it’d be more enjoyable a grind… It’s just… They aren’t that good looking to warrant such insanity. They don’t stand out. Some look worse than RNG cosmetics. Just a terrible idea for implementation all around. They should have instead been tied to different things for each class. Eg. BW = ult through x enemies, FK = push a boss of a cliff, stuff like that. Something interesting… Not just, a lazy do the same thing you just did for Master portrait but 10x more of it.


I still play every night.
Problem I am facing now is my regular group is pretty bored with the game.
Pub legend QP can be pretty harsh sometimes. Every now and again ya get a good team with one or two peoples using voice chat.
Loot and cosmetics are secondary to the gameplay for me.
Still should be dupe protection implemented IMHO.


My current challenge is to play after a few pints of “Pripps Blå” beer, EXTRA STARK. lol.

After a few of them, every game is fun and a challenge. I’ve met a good 7 people in just the last week who added me to steam friends. Everything is more fun when you turn it into a drinking game. hahhaaha

Let’s be real though. People are going to play this game for their own reasons. I personally hate the current loot box system, but I love the game. So I’ll keep playing


The game is still fun but since my friends barely play I just don’t want to deal with strangers in QP anymore. It’s just too negative of an experience lately.

Just lurking now hoping for some new content/news every once-in-a-while.

Why haven’t you added me to friends then? Let’s do some games mate

I would be down to play with you guys! My steam tag is Hanzy the Heretic. EST timezone.

Send me an invite,

I 'm EU, and play random times. I’m gonna be gone in a week for 2 weeks though , I’ll be all across sweden working. Setting up stages and crap for upcoming concerts.

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