Cosmetics in the new game

This isn’t even a suggestion, just a post to share my thoughts and umgak meme.

I believe moving forward darktide should foster some inclusivity and long term trust from their playerbase through methods like this. This was mentioned to me, and I thought to put my idea here as well.

Adopt a model of making all playable content usable by all players, and deliver superior cosmetics that are real world currency obtainable.

What I mean by this is, using V2 as an example; all careers would be free, but cosmetics would have to be purchased. I would rather not have to pay to earn cosmetics (challenges, battle pass) but I think that’s an acceptable model nowadays, people want a sense of progression. I would wear a Tier 100 cosmetic on a battle pass to portray my dedication.

I lean on the fence of not making cosmetics purchasable through an earnable in-game currency, only because I think it isn’t healthy for the players in the long run.

I really dont care if the base models and free skins look like this, the gameplay is why we stick around longer anyway.

There is a Darktide sub-Forum instead of the Lounge

idk I guess i wanted less visibility and not to be taken too seriously

I can’t really be speaking about how a game is to be monetized since I am not a business owner, employee or stakeholder