Dont delay cosmetics

I dont want to provoke a hazard, but i think you can release new paid cosmetics on a monthly basis.
Every new month a set of cosmetics is still fine.
And please no FOMO, just keep the old cosmetics in the shop, we are capaable of toggling through many tabs and it wont ever be to complicated :face_with_peeking_eye:


The issue with doing so is it will inevitably create the perception of unreleased fixes, balance patches, classes or content needed to ‘complete’ Darktide being pushed down the priority list.

Any additional reasons for the community to think Fatshark are preferring monetisation to fixes or finishing what has already been paid for will only whip the fires they’re trying to put out even hotter. I don’t actually care about cosmetics, but seeing more of them roll out before classes, maps, or a function game mode select bothers me, despite what I rationally understand about different departments and work-loads.


They could also release a few sets to be earnable in game, they have them ready anyway


What i think would be a good compromise is they offer sets and make the single or smalller cosmetics like the googles, a hood or alternative headpieces earnable ingame by doing weeklies and/ or penances.


This is the only part of the open letter that I disagreed with. Delaying cosmetics is purely about the optics, it doesn’t have any real impact at all. We know that they’re made already, we’ve seen the screenshots. Just let the players who want to buy them buy them. It’s no skin off your nose.

But like it or not, the decision is made I guess.

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Hard agree, it would be great to get some progression related cosmetics.

Completed 50 damnation runs on X class? Here is a cosmetic.

I would love to see penances related to actual progress, not just gimmick challanges. They could use one or two sets of the unreleased cosmetics for these rewards.


Delaying cosmetics is a gesture of goodwill. Practically, it doesn’t affect the game since they are already created BUT I do have to agree that they’ve burned waaaay more of said goodwill with their disastrous launch so for morale reasons it’s good that they are delayed.

Moreover, not everybody reads these forums or anything else. Many players simply log in, see the wretched status of the game and a real-money shop that gets regular updates and get aggravated. We all seriously need to consider there is a substantial percentage of players in that category.

Agreed. Just release whatever cosmetics you have left in the pipeline. I have 450+ hours in the game, 4 level 30 characters with 370+ gear, and I’ve completed all maps on Damnation. There’s not much else for me to do besides look forward to new cosmetics since new content or the crafting system isn’t coming any time soon.

Besides, if someone bought the imperial edition and wasn’t interested in any of the cosmetics there, you’re forcing them to wait months before they can spend their 2500 aquilas.

I understand why it’s being done (for optics), but the better decision would’ve been to rip the band-aid off and say, “Here’s everything we have now. We’ll release more once the game is in a better place.”

Besides, you’re cutting off one of your main revenue streams at this point since the game likely won’t be selling so well with the current rating and impending reworks.

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the compromise beeing deiscussed here that says release a set for each class per month and make the alternative and cosmtics that stand for it’s own like the goggles, the hood, the bandage earnable through a monthly contract or penances would be a lot more of goodwill than we ever had.

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i dont understand why people want paid cosmetics


While i think the delay of cosmetics is a move to show that they wont try to sell stuff when their game is having problems.

It can also be interpreted in another way, basically releasing a new cosmetic right now when there is a lot of discontent with the game is not gonna make for good sales.

So instead of sticking with the current cosmetic release schedule it makes more sense to hold on to them and release them with the next substantial content drop so they can go “look at all the work we did, also, buy some cosmetic to show how happy you are”.
This will without a doubt work and create bigger opportunities for revenue.

I heavily dislike how the present micro-transaction system works, but delaying cosmetics sounds like a a counter-productive PR exercise. I would imagine game artist are busy designing and putting these together anyway.

I believe they outsource the cosmetic work.

They also have at least 1 more set of cosmetics for each class ready that has already been leaked.

exactly, people need to be complaining about something important, not “when can i spend more money on an unfinished game”, should be “why is there a lack of free earnable cosmetics for achievements or progression to work towards”. Under no circumstances should there ever be a premium shop in a paid game

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“There she blows!-there she blows! A hump like a snow-hill! It is the Wallet Whales of DarkTide!”

That’s the thing with whales. They get their dopamine shot not really from playing the game (game at this point is really boring for whale) but from buying new cosmetic, which then they “take for a spin” for next couple hours to look at or show off and then they feel empty again. Time for another dopamine shot: purchase MTX, relief. Repeat.

The Life of Whale.

they should give out a selection of skins as free goodies, for wasting everyones time

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“Under no circumstances should there ever be a premium shop in a paid game.”

Do you think a one-time $40 USD payment is enough to sustain a live service game for the next five years? Do you think Vermintide 2 would still be supported if there was never a single piece of DLC?

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considering many games have, yes, or maybe they should have priced the game better

Correct but then nobody asked them for Life Service game. They could have just go route of L4D where you release finished, good game and give full mod support on top. Modders would keep game better than devs as TF2 or L4D2 or Skyrim etc. proven.

And if you really want to have Life Service + on top having MTX with premium currency bs then just make game F2P like Warframe, where nobody complains about that becasue game is F2P.

You can’t have cake and eat cake.