So, who's paying for cosmetics?

Kinda curious.

If you are paying for cosmetics, do you think your opinion matters more than those who do not pay for cosmetics? Why or why not?

If you aren’t paying for cosmetics, do you think your opinion matters more, or at least just as valid? Why or why not?

Are Gamers/Consumers justified as considering themselves as part of “The Investors” when paying cash for a “live service?”


the chances of me paying for cosmetics remain the same as the chances of hadron giving me what I want.


Of course, understandable.

How much, do you feel, that your opinion should weigh as opposed to someone who currently pays for cosmetics?

well hey if you wanna buy cosmetics for the both of us thats your choice.


What? I’ve bought a LOT of cosmetics but I definitely don’t think my opinion matters more, why would it? Perhaps when it comes to the cosmetics themselves, sure, but that only makes sense given we’re the consumers of that particular service. But as for everything else? That’s a resounding no from me.

Not only would it not make any sense, but in the long term a philosophy like that would be nothing short of harmful. The last thing I want is for most games to be like some patreon project where the more money you throw away at them, the more power you have over the game’s direction. Everyone being on an equal footing regardless of their money or class, and the devs relying on their very real professional expertise over the random ramblings of fans - most of which haven’t a clue about what they need -, is imo vitally important for a good, balanced game and the best, most fair experience overall.

I mean, just look at the many “no nerfs only buffs” posts, or the rants about how psykers are supposedly useless (or vets, thanks to the Survivalist nerf which was so obviously needed yet seemed to be the end of the world for the vocal minority unable to not magdump into every horde on T5+), etc. etc. The average customer has a very bad level of understanding about gaming and basic business economy both. And that’s ok, that’s the whole point. We’re just gamers, consumers. Let the experts, the people whose entire livelihoods depend on their job with potentially decades of education & experience behind it do their jobs while we focus on ours.

This is not to say that consumer experience or views shouldn’t matter at all ofc. I’m simply saying that it should be the contents of our words, rather than our wallets, that should make the most impact for the devs. And that it should always be up to the devs what - if any - value they place on our musings.

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Is this a monetary contribution hypothetical question: as in, the more you pay the more important your view should be? So, for example also, if you didn’t pay full price for the game does your opinion count for less … that kind of thing?

No, I don’t think so.

That said, a little common sense and discretion never hurt on specific topics. e.g. I don’t venture opinions on the forums about the cosmetic shop(s) as I don’t use them and therefore have no vested interest in their development. Of course, if that ended up being the only development the game got then that may change… :wink:

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Thanks for sharing!

And it people like you, that purchase all these micro-transactions that enables companies treat their customers like cash cows.

You are not helping the studio, you are just lining the pockets of investors and pandering to their greed.

Where as in the past addons to games involved whole new maps, levels, complete stories and all new cosmetics… Now for the same price all you get is a single cut and paste cosmetic.

I have no problem with companies wanting to make money to pay staff etc… But if you are charging players 1/3 of the cost of the game for one skin for one class, when you haven’t even implemented what you said in your own statement about RNG not being implemented, then you are fleecing players and those that buy into this are mugs and are a massive part of the problem in modern gaming.

And I really don’t care for your justification, you are the problem.


Why is that everytime DT has an issue someone in the forums tries gaslighting people into believing it doesn’t exist? then a couple of weeks/months later you see the exact same thing mentioned in patch notes being fixed


No idea… But I think there is a bit of fan boi’ism involved.

When that is involved, common sense flies out the window.

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I love the game just as much as the next person, but admitting theres a problem is the first step to fixing it.


I love gaming as a whole and been playing games since the Atari 2600 came out in the 70’s.

The entire industry has a problem from exploitative gaming mechanics to force financial transactions, including cosmetics to the current narcissstic push by feminazi’s and alphabet hate mobs, ESG and DEI agenda’s.

Gaming is about escaping reality, the world is sh*t enough as it, with out it creeping into every single aspect of one’s escapism.

The entire industry is corrupt as F, no one has integrity left, no one… Yet the sheeple just keep handing money over to the some of the most corrupt and vile people on Earth, investors…

It’s shocking really.

And FatShark has been a victim of this… Was probably forced to release the game way to early, but made sure their aggressively modelled cash shop worked just fine though. I bet very few people in at FatShart want this RNG garbage etc.



Wait what? You should read my post again. :joy:

To elaborate, I specifically said buying cosmetics does NOT make anyone better or their opinions matter more. Nor should it.

As for the rest, I have no idea what I did to earn your ire like that. I didn’t even say anything to justify any of that. Unless you’re one of those people who just cook up excuses like gasp daring to buy a cosmetic they happened to like to start abusing them for no reason? Please tell me you’re not one of those people.

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You buy micro-transactions, that’s the problem.

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Seriously? Just that, in 2024?

Right then, good bye.

What klind of reply is that? He has a point. Your behaviour rewards bad dev practices by confirming that it won’t hurt their bottom line. You ARE the problem. Especially in 2024.


I would buy you a beer if I could.


There is a philosophical debate to be had about whether the provider of a product that takes advantage (in some form or capacity, including just being overpriced) is to blame, or if the consumer is to blame for enabling their business model to succeed and propagate.

I would probably land on the side that it’s the fault of the provider of the exploitative product/service that is to blame, not the people who ‘fall’ for it.


That’s just a convenient argument for consumers to rid themselves of responsibility, which lead to the issue in the first place. The more you rid yourself of responsibility for your own actions, the more you’re at the mercy of other institutions and instances deciding what is ‘right’ for you.

There’s no argument to be had her in my opinion.

It’s kinda like feeding a troll and then asking yourself how it could become so successful and blaming the troll for existing. You should have ignored and or killed it in the first place. That was your responsibility.

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